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Frequently Asked Telephone Questions

Information Technology

  Important Call Pilot
Access Numbers

System Access: #5000
Mailbox: Your Extention
     Express Messaging: #5001

IT Support Contacts
On Campus Ext. #5555

Who do I contact to report phone problems?
All telecommunication problems should be reported to UT Tyler Office of Information Technology at extension 7150 (Julie Hicks), or 7125 (Roy Greer) or 7199 (Shane Mitchell). 

I forgot my voice mail password. How do I get it reset? 
Call IR at extension 7150, 7125, or 7199. Identify yourself and the mailbox you are trying to access to the person taking the call. A new password will be set and you will be notified of the change. 

I unplugged my phone to move it around to the other side of my office and when I plugged it back in, it was dead. 
What happened? 

If you have a digital Meridian phone, you overloaded the circuit while either unplugging or plugging it in. Leave the phone plugged in and call IR at extension 7150, 7125 or 7199. Identify the phone number of the phone in question and wait for someone to reactivate your phone. 

After I report a problem, how long should it normally take before the problem is resolved? 
Time of resolution depends upon many factors. All problem reports are processed in a first-in, first-out fashion except for dead phones which are given priority status. It is important to remember that there is normally only one person taking care of all aspects of the telecommunication system from installation to billing. Current workload will dictate resolution time. 

Is it possible to have voice mail answer in less than four rings? 
The only possible way is to forward your calls directly into voice mail. Individual extensions cannot be customized from the phone switch. 
Forward all voice mail: Press "Forward", then dial "500''.
To forward a call coming in on second line while you are on the first, press your second line, then the "Rls"button.

Can I check another worker’s voice mail in their absence?
We recommend that if you wish for this to be a practice in your area that the owner of the voice mail be the one to give out the password. Our office does not have the ability to look up voice mail passwords; we do have the ability to reset the password to the extension number.

How do I make a conference call?
Instructions are available for users of digital phones.
Instructions are available for users of analog phones.

Do I have to make a long distance call to reach some one at the Palestine or Longview campuses? 
No. Both locations have phones that operate off of our local PBX. You dial their extension just as you would for an employee on campus. 

Are my long distance calls billed to my extension or my access code? 
All long distance calls are billed to the extension from which the call is placed. The phone accounting system does maintain the account/access code used to place all calls and this information is available upon request. 

I am trying to call a long distance number, but I keep getting a fast busy sound. What am I doing wrong?

If the middle digit of the area code is some number other than 1 or 0, you are probably not doing anything is probably a new area code that the PBX does not know how to route. IR personnel try to catch all of the new area codes, but occasionally one will slip by. Notify IR at extension 7150, 7125 or 7199, and the problem will be taken care of as soon as possible. If you know what the old area code was, you can many times use it if the destination area is still within the "period of transition" from the old to the new area code. 

Is a Longview exchange number a long distance call from our campus?

No, you can dial numbers in the Longview AND Palestine exchanges by simply dialing a "9" and then the number. The Longview Campus and Palestine Campus can also dial Tyler area numbers locally using the same process. 

Who provides phone service for student housing? 
Southwestern Bell is the current provider of telephone service for residents of student housing at Patriot Village and University Pines Apartments. UT Tyler furnishes phone service for residents of Ornelas Residence Hall. For Ornelas Residence Hall, all that is needed is a telephone set provided by the residents. Phone sets are also available for purchase at the office. The callers can:

  • Receive all incoming calls.
  • Make free, unlimited calls to on-campus locations.
  • Make free, unlimited calls to residents in the Tyler, Palestine, and Longview areas.
  • Call toll free "800" numbers.
    For those Ornelas Hall residents wishing to place calls out of the local calling area, each will need to supply a "800" or toll free based calling card. You are able to select your own long distance service by shopping around for the calling card that best suits your needs. As noted above, you will also get free service to the local calling area.