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How to Use Call Pilot - Voice Mail

Information Technology

  Important Call Pilot
Access Numbers

System Access: #5000
Mailbox: Your Extention
     Express Messaging: #5001

IT Support Contacts
On Campus Ext. #5555

Logging In

    1. Dial the Call Pilot access number (5000)
    2. "Call Pilot from Nortel Networks. Mailbox?"
    3. *Press #
    4. "Password?"
    5. Enter your password followed by #

*If you are calling from any phone other than your own, you must enter your extension followed by #

Playing Your Messages

    1. After logging in, a mailbox summary is presented.
    2. First message information is played.
    3. You can now select from any of the following:
      • Press 2 to play the message.
      • Press 1 to skip back 5 seconds while playing.
      • Press 3 to skip forward 5 seconds while playing.
      • Press # to pause or 2 to continue.
      • Press 6 to go to the next message.
      • Press 4 to go to the previous message.
      • Press 86 then the message number # to go to a specific message.
      • Press 76 to delete the current message.
      • Press 76 to restore deleted message within current session only.
      • Press 72 to play the message envelope. 

Changing Your Password

Every voice mail user should change their password from the one originally assigned for security purposes. You should never tell anyone your password. Remember you are responsible for all activities involving your mailbox. Passwords must be a minimum of 5 digits and can NOT be associated with your extension number, nor can it be a combination that can be easily discovered or one that has been used previously.

  1. Press 84 while logged in to Call Pilot.
  2. "Password change. To authorize the change, please enter your old password, followed by number sign."
  3. "Please enter your new password, followed by number sign."
  4. "Please enter your new password again, followed by number sign."
  5. "Your password has been changed." 

Recording Your Name (Personal Verification)

Your personal verification should contain your name and extension only. Do not record an extensive greeting here.

  1. Press 82 while logged in to Call Pilot.
  2. Press 9 for your personal verification.
  3. Press 5 to begin recording.
  4. Press # to end recording

Recording External and Internal Greetings

You can create a customized greeting for both internal and external callers. If you only want one greeting, then you will need to record the external greeting only. Both internal and external callers will then hear the external greeting.

  1. Press 82 while logged in to Call Pilot.
  2. Press 1 for external greeting or 2 for internal greeting.
  3. You can now do any of the following:
    • Press 2 to play the current greeting.
    • Press 5 to record a new greeting.
    • Press # to stop recording.
    • Press 76 to delete current greeting.
    • Press 4 to exit greeting and return to messages.

Recording a Temporary Greeting

This feature allows you to record a temporary greeting that can be used when you are out of the office and you do NOT have to re-record your normal greeting when you return. It is an extremely handy feature and one that is easy to use.

  1. Log in to your voice mail as usual.
  2. Press 82 - You will be given the option for your internal greeting, external greeting and temporary greeting.
  3. Press 3 for temporary greeting.
  4. Press 5 to record your temporary greeting and record it after you hear the tone. Press # when finished recording.
  5. You will then receive the options that you have when recording other greetings (review or add to), EXCEPT you will also have the option 9 to set an "expire" date. (Actually, Meridian Mary has a problem saying expire and says expiree date!)
  6. Press the 9. You will then be prompted for your entries. 

The "expire" date will be the date and time when your temporary greeting is to expire and your normal greetings are to be used again. For example, you might set an "expire" date of 03/31 at 1 a.m. if you were going to return to the office on March 31. For this particular example, you would enter 03# , 31#, 1# and then a 1 for a.m. You can also enter ### and the temporary greeting will be used until you delete it.

Again, this is a feature that works hand-in-hand with forwarding your calls to voice mail when you are out of the office and it takes only a few minutes to set up.

Forwarding Messages

You can forward any message that is not tagged as private to any other user on the system. 

  1. Press 73 after hearing the message you wish to forward
  2. Enter the mailbox you wish to forward to, followed by #
  3. Repeat step 2 for as many mailboxes as you wish to send to
  4. Press # when you are finished entering mailboxes
  5. To record an introduction, press 5 to start and # to stop
    Press 79 to send message

Express Messaging

Express messaging will allow you to send voice mail to any other user's voice mailbox without their phone ringing and without logging into your own mailbox.

  1. Dial the express messaging access number (5001).
  2. Enter the mailbox number you wish to send the message to, followed by the number sign.
  3. Hang up when finished recording, message will be sent.

Operator Assistance

You can talk to an operator while using Call Pilot if you require assistance or if you want to leave a message for someone who is not a Call Pilot User.

The system may have several operator assistants: a Call Pilot system-wide operator and several custom operators can be different for each mailbox. Usually they are the mailbox owner's assistant or coworker.

  • To speak to a mailbox custom operator:
    1. Press 0 to reach the mailbox owner's custom operator instead of leaving a message.
    2. Wait for the Call Pilot operator to answer and ask for assistance. The System-wide operator will answer if the custom operator's line is busy or not answered.
  • To speak to the Call Pilot system-wide operator:
  1. Press 0 to reach the system-wide operator.
  2. Your call to the system-wide operator is placed.
  • To change the custom operator assistance number:
    1. From Call Pilot, press 8O. You are connected to the mailbox options menu. 
      Press mailbox options: To change the operator assistance number, press 1;.... To exit, press number sign.
    2. Press 1 to edit the custom operator number. 
      Operator assistance number: The current number is: (zero or other number). Enter the new operator assistance number followed by a number sign. To exit, just press number sign
    3. Enter the number by using your keypad, followed by #. Note that certain numbers, such as long distance numbers, may be restricted by your system administrator.