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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RightSignature?

RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed online. RightSignature electronic signatures give you the power to obtain legally binding signatures on documents entirely online. RightSignature requires no software to download or install, and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

How does RightSignature work?

To send a document for online signature with RightSignature, you simply upload your document, enter the email address for each signer, and place any text fields and signature locations. RightSignature emails recipients a unique link sign your document and automatically guides them through the document to fill out any necessary text fields and sign online.

What kinds of documents should I send?

Use RightSignature to send any type of document that requires a legally binding signature.

Some common documents to use with RightSignature include contracts, non-disclosure agreements, employee onboarding forms, purchase orders, rental agreements, independent contractor agreements, waivers of liability, medical releases, change orders, expense reports, and many more. Compliance, employment, and tax forms such as W-9, W-4, I-9, and 8879 are also commonly sent on RightSignature.

Which browsers does RightSignature support?

For the best experience, RightSignature recommends using the latest version of your preferred internet browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera. 

NOTE: When using Internet Explorer, you might notice the page not displaying correctly. Please click Refresh to solve the issue. 

Can I download and save RightSignature documents for my own records?

Yes. With RightSignature, you can download a copy of your signed documents complete with text, signatures, and any other information input by your signers. You may also download a copy of the original document as it appeared before it was signed. Document parties will also have access to download a copy of the Signature Certificate, including the time-stamped audit trail and metadata to confirm the validity of the signature(s).

Can I delete finished documents?

All documents, executed or voided, CANNOT be deleted from RightSignature.

If a document has not been signed by any recipients, you can void your signature request. However, for best legal practices, once one or more recipients has signed a document, it may not be voided. If you discover an error in a completed RightSignature document, simply notify your parties that you are sending a corrected version of the document for signature, which will overrule the prior version.

What happens when I set an expiration date?

Setting up an expiration date means the form will void in the specified number of days IF the form was not signed. If it was signed, the form stay in RightSignature for three years. After three years, all forms (signed or not signed) will be deleted.

How do I send a document for signature?

Login to your RightSignature account and click “Start Document.” Next, click “Send for Signature.”

  1. Choose your document: First, choose the document you would like to get signed. You may upload a document from your computer, select a template if you’ve already built one, or choose a document you have stored with another app.
  2. Choose your signers: Next, type the name and email address of each person you need to sign your document. Your document must include at least one signer, and you have the option to add additional recipients as CC parties.
  3. Build your document: Next, place any form fields such as name, date, checkboxes, and signature boxes that your signer needs to fill out on your document.

Each of your recipients will receive an email with a unique link to view or sign your document. If you have chosen more than one signer, each signature is applied to the same copy of the document. When your signers are finished, the completed document is instantly and automatically returned to you.

What file types can I upload to RightSignature to start a template or document?

RightSignature supports PDF, Microsoft Word, and RTF, TXT file types for upload.

Can I reuse a document I’ve already sent?

You have two options for reusing previously sent documents: “Import Overlay” and “Reusable Templates.”

Import Overlay: Build your RightSignature document as normal, uploading a document and choosing your signers. Then, select “Import Overlay.” If you’ve previously sent a document similar to the document you’re currently building, you can allow RightSignature to automatically import all of the fields and options from your previous document to your current one.

Reusable Templates works slightly differently, allowing you to set up a document you intend to use frequently as a template, which allows for easy resending. Use this feature if you use a standard contract or application and send it repeatedly, to share templates with other members of your team, or for advanced developer workflow. Reusable Templates also allow you to mass distribute a link to your document to many signers, or embed the document in your website.

Can I make changes to a document that has been sent?

No. Once a document is in-route, it cannot be changed or deleted. The sender must void the document and start a new one. 

Why is my bookmark not taking me to RightSignature?

You must create the bookmark manually to go to rightsignature.uttyler.edu. Bookmarking the login page will not work.


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