UT Tyler

40th Anniversary and Still Growing

UT Tyler Celebrates 4 Decades of Growth and Excellence

40 Years of Growth

One characteristic of UT Tyler established in the early years still holds true today . . . the university is always on the move. In the past 40 years, UT Tyler leaders, faculty and staff have worked to meet the ever-changing needs of students and the community with new facilities, growing programs and the latest technology.

“There is a culture of excellence – a striving for success – that defines this campus,” Dr. Mabry said.

The vision of a few community leaders has grown into reality, the president added. “Our students’ academic abilities are among the best in Texas and our faculty are from the best universities. Students thrive here … they grow academically and socially and become the really productive, knowledgeable and caring people we all want as employees, citizens and neighbors.”

UT Tyler has continued to reach new milestones in the quest to create a quality atmosphere of learning. From building new, state-of-the-art facilities across campus to launching much-needed doctoral programs to utilizing the latest technology of the day, UT Tyler lives on the cutting edge of higher education.

“When we came to the current site, it was just old property with a creek running through the middle and a bunch of trees on it,” said Dr. McCoy. “Now, we have the newest and best facilities.”

In addition to offering topnotch academic programs, UT Tyler hosts more than 50 student organizations including Greek sororities and fraternities and has enriched student life with the construction of a residence hall, apartments and dining facilities for an on-campus student population.

“Also, the spread and influence of the university has changed dramatically within East Texas,” Dr. McCoy said. “We have a lot more teachers from UT Tyler, business people who went through UT Tyler, legislators from UT Tyler and others.”

In 40 years, one of the biggest changes, according to Dr. McCoy, is the student body.

“Our student body is different. When I started, it was predominantly commuters, older students,’’ he said.

“Today, the age of the population has gotten younger. We expanded down to include freshmen and sophomores. The whole campus has more of a traditional university feel. Students spend more time at school. We have student residents and student sports … much more activity on campus.”

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