UT Tyler

UT Tyler Magazine, Spring 2012

President's Letter

Higher education changes lives and enriches regions, and in this issue you'll get a glimpse of some of the ever-expanding UT Tyler initiatives that will make that true for East Texas.

Global connectivity is unprecedented today and is already changing our students' perspective of the world and their place in it. International education gives learners the opportunity, and competencies, to interact with people from all around the globe, learning to understand one another and to work in ways that increase global productivity, making life better.

We are proud of UT Tyler's inaugural class in our Global Awareness Through Education (GATE) program. These talented, culturally diverse and very able students are excited to set the standard for this new program. GATE helps our students learn about, experience and better understand the world so that they may more successfully produce and compete in a very exciting and competitive global workplace. I invite you to read more about this innovative program on the following pages.

The UT Tyler Ingenuity Center is pleased to announce the creation of the University Academies program which is designed to improve student performance in middle schools and ultimately develop a higher level of both university and career readiness. The Ingenuity Center was awarded $8.75 million, the largest grant in the university's history, to implement this program in local school districts.

Another significant UT Tyler project is the collaboration between Dr. Wei Fan, associate professor of civil engineering, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). This project will save lives! In this magazine, you will read how Dr. Fan is helping TxDOT prevent work zone injuries and deaths, and how he is helping our road-building agency evaluate pavement performance. These are just the latest in a number of major projects he has conducted to help improve road safety for all Texans.

This magazine also features an article about the Mike and Donna Clements family who give generously to UT Tyler. Mr. and Mrs. Clements' daughter and son-in-law are UT Tyler alumni and former Patriot athletes. You'll enjoy the piece about Jimmy Peña, too. He is one of our graduates and is a best-selling author and celebrity trainer.

I hope you relish this issue of the UT Tyler Magazine, and we invite you to learn more about us by visiting www.uttyler.edu.