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Through the Generations

Genecov, Muntz and Darryl Families Nurture UT Tyler

Part II: The Next Generation

Just as Maurine Muntz learned from her parents about the spirit of giving and the community benefits of higher education, so her children have learned from her.

She gave to many community organizations, such as the Salvation Army, Tyler Day Nursery and the American Red Cross, and frequently donated anonymously, Maurine Muntz’s son-in-law, Dennis Darryl, said.

“She was very generous, and I guess that’s where Terry and I got our sense of carrying on that tradition,” he said.

Dennis Darryl grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and met Maurine Muntz’s daughter, Terry Muntz Darryl, during college at the University of Texas at Austin. The couple married and moved to Tyler, where they raised their daughter and where Terry Darryl is a widely recognized breeder of American quarter horses. Though they are both graduates of UT Austin, they have always been dedicated to the ongoing success of UT Tyler.

“It’s the friendships we’ve formed over there and the people we know. It’s just an incredible school. And we are lucky to have such an excellent campus in our home town,” Dennis Darryl said.

He felt particularly good about the family’s gift of the Muntz Library Gardens, completed in 2010, and his contribution to its planning and design, he said.

Dennis Darryl spearheaded the gardens project, which cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars, UT Tyler President Dr. Rodney Mabry said, noting: “It turned out to be a spectacular addition to the Muntz Library. The gardens are beautiful, functional and constantly used by students.”

Terry and Dennis Darryl also were among a handful of sponsors of Itzhak Perlman’s violin performance in 2009 at the Cowan Center. And like Maurine Muntz, the couple has given several scholarships to UT Tyler students.

“We have gotten letters from recipients about how they couldn’t go to college without our help. It’s always nice to read the letters, and I know Mrs. Muntz enjoyed getting them,” Dennis Darryl said.

“I’m grateful to have been blessed with the financial means to do that, because at one point in my life, there was no way I could help anybody except with nickels and dimes. I was in the same boat back in the day,” he said, recalling his college days when he worked to pay for most of his schooling. “I was on the lookout for scholarships, or working one or two jobs.”

A Driving Force

Since 1992, Dennis Darryl has been a driving force behind a major university scholarship fundraiser—the annual Patriot Golf Classic, formerly the Eisenhower International Golf Classic—and its endowment growth past the $2 million mark. He started the fundraiser’s highest “Platinum” level of giving.

For last year’s Patriot Golf Classic, he sponsored professional golfer Blaine McCallister’s participation in the event. For the fundraiser’s 30th anniversary tournament this spring, Dennis Darryl again donated the money to ensure that a major pro golfer—Ben Crenshaw—would be part of the event to help attract others to have teams in the tournament, Mabry said, adding, “Not only that—he did the telephone calls to get him here. That’s the kind of stepping up with energy and vision that makes things happen.”

Dennis Darryl is a leader but doesn’t think of himself as one, Mabry said, noting, “He has an outgoing, fun personality that attracts other people to follow him and do what he does.”

Dennis Darryl also shares some of his late mother-in-law’s modesty.

“Dennis is a person who doesn’t want any credit and who will tell self-effacing stories, but is just as smart as they come and fun,” Mabry said. “To have that kind of positive outlook means a lot to someone like me in the serious work that we do and carries weight with other people.”

Mabry views as significant the family staying engaged with the university across generations.

“What we see on my side of the desk is how many other families and individuals look up to that kind of family tradition of giving. They notice it and are inspired by it,” Mabry said. “Most donors realize that putting their name on something invites others to participate.”

The Muntz and Darryl families are themselves inspired by their strong Jewish faith and tradition. Dennis Darryl presently serves as a board member of the Temple Beth El congregation in Tyler, and previously served on the boards of community organizations and university groups, such as Hospice of East Texas and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler Research Council.

“I’m getting to the point now where I have the money and financial means to help others, and enjoy doing it. But it is the A.S. Genecov Foundation that deserves much of the credit,” Dennis Darryl said.

Joy Turns Duncan, former UT Tyler director of advancement, is among the many who deeply appreciate the family’s enduring love of the university and community: “It’s gratifying to see how Maurine’s legacy is continuing through the stalwart support of her daughter and son-in-law, Terry and Dennis. Maurine, Terry and Dennis are all superstars for UT Tyler.”

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