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UT Tyler Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics is here to make sure you are getting the advice you need for mathematics courses. Most people who need advice fall into one of the following categories:


Advising Contact

Lori R. Wages


Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Katie Anders
Assistant Professor
RBN 4046
Phone: 903.565.5619
E-mail: kanders@uttyler.edu

Dr. Kassie Archer
Assistant Professor
RBN 4008
Phone: 903.565.5624
E-mail: karcher@uttyler.edu

Dr. J. Regan Beckham
Associate Professor
RBN 4012
Phone: 903.566.7192
E-mail: rbeckham@uttyler.edu

Dr. Christy Graves
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 4012
Phone: 903.566.7277
E-mail: cgraves@uttyler.edu

Dr. Stephen Graves
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 4011
Phone: 903.565.5679
E-mail: sgraves@uttyler.edu

Dr. Deborah Koslover
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 4010
Phone: 903.566.7143
E-mail: dkoslover@uttyler.edu

Dr. Scott LaLonde
Assistant Professor
RBN 4005
Phone: 903.566.7449
E-mail: slalonde@uttyler.edu

Dr. Lindsey-Kay Lauderdale
Assistant Professor
RBN 4048
Phone: 903.565.5625
E-mail: llauderdale@uttyler.edu

Dr. David Milan
Associate Professor
RBN 4006
Phone: 903.566.7198
E-mail: dmilan@uttyler.edu



Graduate Advising

Dr. Nathan Smith
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 4013
Phone: 903.566.7216
E-mail: nathan@math.uttyl.edu

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