UT Tyler

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Mathematics REU: May 31 - July 22, 2016

We encourage qualified applicants to apply for Summer 2016! Application deadline is February 26.

Students will work on research in groups of three students that are each led by a faculty advisor. The research groups will be centered around three exciting areas of mathematical research.

Mentors and Subject Areas:

  • Dr. Christina Graves - Chemical Graph Theory:
    • In chemistry, a fullerene is a molecule consisting solely of carbon atoms. Mathematically, we model a fullerene with a graph where every vertex has degree 3 and all faces are hexagons or pentagons. It has been shown that given a fullerene, there are ways to slightly modify it by adding more vertices and faces but keeping most of the graph the same. We will explore such modifications.
  • Dr. Stephen Graves - Algebraic Graph Theory:
    • Algebraic graph theory focuses on the properties of the symmetry groups of graphs and their action on the graph. The study of these properties sheds light both on the structure of graphs and also on the behavior of abstract groups. We will primarily investigate problems related to finding small graphs with a fixed given automorphism group.
  • Dr. David Milan - Inverse Semigroups:
    • We will study various ways to build inverse semigroups having interesting and useful algebraic properties. Inverse semigroups are a bit like groups, in that they are sets with an associative multiplication and an "inverse" operation, but where groups are naturally represented by permutations, inverse semigroups are represented by partial permutations. That is, any inverse semigroup can realized as a set of bijections on subsets of some fixed set X. Inverse semigroups have found a number of applications, including the study of local symmetry present in quasi-crystals, and in the theory of partial isometries on vector spaces (both finite and infinite dimensional).

Program Benefits:

  • A stipend of $3800 for the eight-week program.
  • Free on-campus housing at the Patriot Village apartments, only a few minutes walk from the Mathematics Department facilities in Ratliff Building North.
  • Full access to The University of Texas at Tyler's facilities, including the Herrington Patriot Center (fitness facilities, available at a discounted rate) and the Muntz Library.
  • Work closely with faculty in gaining valuable research experience.
  • Learn how to write and typeset a professional mathematics article using LaTeX.
  • Learn how to prepare and deliver an excellent talk on mathematics.
  • Partial funding to attend a national conference to present research results.
  • Information on the process of selecting and applying for graduate programs
  • Fun team-building social activities. Past activities have included:

The mathematics REU at UT Tyler has been successful for the past five years, and we expect our successes to continue!