UT Tyler Department of Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Course Syllabi

ENGR 1201 Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 2302 Dynamics
ENGR 3314 Design Methodology in Engineering
MENG 1201 Mechanical Engineering I
MENG 2201 Mechanical Engineering II
MENG 3210 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I
MENG 3211 Mechanial Engineering Laboratory II
MENG 3301 Thermodynamics I
MENG 3303 Dynamics of Machinery
MENG 3304 Thermodynamics II
MENG 3306 Mechanics of Materials
MENG 3309 Mechanical System Design
MENG 3310 Fluid Mechanics
MENG 3316 Heat Transfer
MENG 3319 Materials Science and Manufacturing
MENG 4115 Senior Design I
MENG 4312 System Dynamics and Control
MENG 4313 Thermal/Fluid Systems Design
MENG 4315 Senior Design II
MENG 4316 Introduction to Building Energy Simulation
MENG 4326 Finite Element Methods in Mechanical Engineering
MENG 4350 Topics in Mechanical Engineering - Energy Management
MENG 4350 Topics in Mechanical Engineering - Intermediate Heat Transfer
MENG 4370 Undergraduate Internship
MENG 4395 Undergraduate Research - Dr. Brown