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College of Nursing

Linda Klotz

Linda Klotz

Title: Professor
Department: College of Nursing
Building: BRB
Phone: 903.566.7075


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Bachelor of Science in Nursing
The University of New Mexico

Master of Science
University of Arizona

Doctor of Philosophy
The University of Texas at Austin


I teach courses primarily in Contemporary Health Care Ethics/Health Policy and Scholarship. The dynamics of the changing world of health care is a passion of mine and I try to instill that same desire for involvement in policy formulation in my students.

My specialty area is adult health/oncology and I am an adult nurse practitioner (inactive). My primary research interests are in hope/hopelessness and the role of the significant other in families with terminal illness. I am married with four grown children and 9 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, 2 dogs, 1 cat and four horses who all have their own stories to tell. My husband is retired from government service and runs the zoo while I work. In my spare time, I am involved in equine rescue.
Mysteries and gardening are also among my interests.

My home is New Mexico and I have lived and worked there and in Alaska (my first nursing job!), Michigan, Arizona and Texas. In these locations I worked with many cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic groups. I believe that learning about others' health beliefs and practices broadens one's own perspectives of health, life, and the role of the nurse. As a teacher, I believe that my students and I stimulate each other and learn from each other. My role is to structure and guide the learning environment while encouraging the students to explore new horizons.

Dr. Klotz serves as Dean and Professor in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Recent publications include:

Klotz, L. (July-August, 2010). Nursing interventions to enable hope for HIV patients and significant others, Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  21 (6). 345-355.

Haas, B., Yarbrough, S., & Klotz, L. (2011) Journey to a doctoral program, Journal of Professional Nursing. 27 (5), 269-282.

Walker, G., Klotz, L., Martin, P., et al (November-December, 2011) A regional academic partnership for the early identification and retention of at-risk nursing students, Journal of Professional Nursing, 27, e8-e13.