UT Tyler

School of Nursing

HRSA Intune Traineeship Grant

Get up to three semesters of your FNP education paid for! 

  • Who: Diverse FNP students (especially from rural/underserved areas), and academic-practice infrastructure (faculty, preceptors, clinics in rural/underserved areas)
  • What: Recruiting and graduating more skilled, practice-ready, team-based FNPs to become employed in rural/underserved (R/US) areas
  • When: Traineeship applications now open for fall 2018
  • Where: Medically Underserved Areas (MUAs), Medically Underserved Populations (MUPs), or Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)
  • Why: To increase the numbers of diverse FNP students recruited to/graduating from UT Tyler, and to increase their employment in R/US areas; to improve access to quality healthcare of MUA/MUP/HPSA populations; and, to develop primary care training sites for immersive longitudinal clinical training in R/US areas/populations for enrollees in the UT Tyler FNP programs. 

This grant specifically applies to clinical precepted practice in the rural and underserved areas of East Texas while in school, and requires one year of employment within the same demographic upon graduation. Multiple sites are available. 

Please review the grant summary and return application to Ms. Melinda Morris, Grant Coordinator at mmoris@uttyler.edu

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Deadline to apply - Fall 18: July 31, 2018

Fall 2018 Application

Deadline to apply - Spring 19: July 31, 2018

Spring 2019 Application

Ethnic diversity is not a prerequisite to apply.

Even if you don’t know where you are going to work yet, or you don’t know if your clinical practice site/preceptor qualifies to be part of the grant, go ahead and apply!  We will help you with the particulars.  We have money to put towards the education of students right now!  Even if the semester has already started, you can get reimbursed for this semester if you qualify!

Apply! Apply! Apply!

Dr. Carol Rizer
Project Director

UT Tyler