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International Travel Program Overview

UT Tyler and the School of Nursing are committed to offering enriching experiences to both students and faculty in order to supplement scholarship, didactic and clinical activity.

Students, both undergraduate and graduate, may receive course or clinical credit for work with international or domestic underserved communities.

Graduate students wishing to utilize an international experience for dissertation or professional project may contact their faculty advisor for more information.


Student Eligibility and Responsibilities

  • Students will conduct themselves professionally and according to all College and University Guidelines.
  • Students wishing to obtain clinical credit for international learning activities must be registered in one of the following undergraduate courses: 3611 (Med Surg I), 4632 (Med Surg II), 4501 (Community Health), 4631 (Nursing Leadership & Mgt)
  • Students must have a course average of 80 or above in all current courses. If trip is planned between semesters (eg. Summer), SON GPA must be 3.0 or above. If trip is planned at the beginning of the semester, before exams, SON GPA must be 3.0 or above.
  • Students are eligible to receive course credit for graduate courses with approval from course faculty.
  • Students will identify specific course / learning objectives to be met during the international learning activity. Faculty will approve these objectives. Note, some learning activities (class presentations, papers, or other assignments) may be completed upon return to the US.
  • Prior to travel, students will complete:
    • SON Student Study Abroad Application, Proposal & Evaluation (requires all current course faculty, clinical instructor and Associate Dean’s approvals).
    • Release and other forms as required by the University (tba).
  • Students will attend orientation meetings as appropriate before embarking on travel.
  • Students will submit the SON Student Study Abroad Application, Proposal & Evaluation to course faculty in order to receive credit for clinical time.


Refuge International is a local non-profit organization that has been serving 3 different communities in Guatemala for 10 years. Many past UTT students and faculty have gone on week-long clinical mission trips and helped in the areas of registration/in-take, surgery, pre-op and post-op, patient education (with translator) and childcare. Graduate students in nurse practitioner programs can obtain clinical credit for seeing patients in the clinic. Graduate students wishing to do research or scholarly work may be able to utilize RI contacts and resources. Contact Katheryn Courville kcourville@uttyler.edu for more information

Refuge International and all other agencies take their missions seriously. Professionalism is expected from all student volunteers. This isn’t your typical spring break trip! You will work harder than you can imagine, but your hard work will be rewarded.


In order to obtain course/clinical credit, complete the documentation attached. You will need your course faculty and your on-site preceptor to complete some of the form.

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