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"I went to San Raymundo (Guatemala) in February of 2009 as a Level 2 nursing student. I had never been out of the country before, so I was pretty nervous! I’m actually still in contact with quite a few people I met on the trip, who live all over the U.S.

As a student, I was able to rotate through all the different areas of the clinic; Intake, Pre-OP, OR, and Post-OP. I definitely got some good IV practice in Pre-OP!

I feel like going to San Raymundo really helped me get better at working with people… seeing patients as people, not just patients. In addition to taking basic health histories and vitals, I was also able to assist in surgery, and help recover patients coming out of anesthesia.

One situation in particular stands out to me as the one that really reaffirmed to me why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place. We had a young woman come into the clinic one evening, and the doctors confirmed that she needed an appendectomy. The surgeon decided he wanted to try to rehydrate her some before surgery, so I was able to start an IV to get fluids going. Since the clinic was mostly done seeing patients for the night, I was able to sit with her. She had a horrible headache, and all around felt horrible, so I just sat with her and rubbed her forehead, hoping to be able to relieve a little of her pain. After awhile, she looked at me and smiled, and in my VERY horrible Spanish, I asked her if rubbing her head helped her pain. She just smiled again and said, “Yes, very good.” For some reason, this is the memory that I always think of when I think of the trip.

In going, I was able to receive 12 hours of clinical credit, and received a 4 hour independent credit for my OR day. The conditions in Guatemala were excellent the week we were there, warm during the day, cooler at night, very beautiful! It has definitely changed my view from a national view to a global view. I cannot wait until I get to go back!!!"

-Caitlan Bartle

Hi, Your RN students made the Saturday event a huge success!!! Haley Faulkner (graduate of Frankston HS),Debbie and Tony Muttel (Palestine) left a lasting impression of the quality UT Nursing Program on the Tyler and Palestine campus! I am impressed with the "can do" attitude of these young folks and I thank you for supporting this civic event.
I have a HF on my 2012 calendar @ REL HS Cafeteria in Tyler, Jan 13th (9AM - 1PM) & I will remind you of it later. Thanks again for your support and please pass my sincere thanks and appreciation to Haley, Debbie and Tony for a job, not well done, but "MEDIUM RARE!!!"

Dave Reiner - AHA Volunteer

“I just wanted to send you an email about how impressed I was with Jack, LaKeisha, and Jared, UT Longview Nursing students. After just getting started with the day, I received notice that I would need to take 4 IMC patients to the ICU ward, with no nurses to put them with. I developed a plan with the charge nurse and the students jumped right in offering to help without being asked. Their clinical care was superior and their help saved the day. I would not hesitate to hire any of them I have actually hired Jack) to work on any of my units. Their willingness to be team players and put the care and safety of the patient as the priority not only impressed me, but the charge nurse and other nurses on the floor as well. Please pass this on to them and give them my sincere thanks!"

A very impressed clinical director!

Stephen Heim
Clinical Director – Intensive Care and Hemodialysis

"Hi, Please pass my thanks and appreciation to the student RNs who volunteered their time to take blood pressures during the Health Fairs at UT Tyler and Chapel Hill HS. Again you provided AHA with dedicated, eager & professional students and you can be proud of their work. We didn't get as much business at the Smoking Conference but your volunteers asked if they could go down to the snack area during the presentations to take BPs. I thought it was a good plan! Yesterdays Health Fair was a different story as they were kept busy most of the time. I received many compliments on their appearance and actions from staff, students and attendees! I am proud to be associated with The UT TYLER RN students and our nation will profit from these folks in the future. JOB WELL DONE!"

Dave Reiner
American Heart Association Volunteer


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