School of Nursing

Convocation Checklist

Convocation Ballot

Instructions for Students

Convocation Photos (optional)

  • Convocation Photo Form

    Complete and return this form with the required fees to Dan Buikema (at the address indicated on the form) before the ceremony, or you may bring it with you the day of convocation.

Please be on time for 9 a.m. photos.

Nursing Pins (Optional)

  • Information about how to order nursing pins can be obtained through Blackboard.

Thank You Inserts (Optional)

  • The convocation program will contain an insert titled “Thank You.” This insert will be a special memento for you, your family and friends. The insert will include your name and a short statement, no longer than 3 lines. If your statement is not received by this date, it will not appear in the program. The insert will have your name/statement in alphabetical order so that your family/friends can follow during the pinning.

Please use the box below, noting the size allowed. Copy and paste the box contents in the body of an email.Send to Vicki Nackos at no later than April 15 . Do not send as an attachment. Just place it in the body of the email.

Insert Guidelines - 4 lines:

  • Name on first line

  • “Thanks” on 3 lines.

Line length: 3 inches. Size: Times New Roman 12 pt.

Thank you care example:

April Jones
I want to thank my parents for all their support and assisting me to reach my goal.

Text must fit inside box this exact size, or it will be shortened. Any misspelled words or bad grammar will not be corrected, so please proofread the message carefully.