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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Series 400 Business Affairs

4.1.1 Use of, Accountability and Responsibility for State (University) Property
4.1.1 Movable Equipment Acquired Under Grants from the Federal Government
4.1.3 Inventories
4.1.4 Disposal of University Property (Surplus and Salvage Property)
4.2.1 "Best Value" Procurement
4.2.7 Review and Processing of Contracts (Contracts)
4.2.8 Utilization of Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Firms
4.3.1 Travel Program (Travel)
4.3.3 Travel Authorization
4.3.4 Travel Reimbursement Procedures
4.4.1 Use of University Facilities Policy
4.5.1 Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Mitigation Program
4.6.1 Budget Procedures
4.6.2 Cash Management
4.6.3 Payments – Accounts Payable
4.6.4 Other Personal Services
4.6.6 Payroll Payments and Payday
4.6.7 Payments – Business and Entertainment Expense Reimbursement
4.6.8 Petty Cash Funds
4.8.6 Operation of University Owned Vehicles Policy
4.9.1 Wireless Communication Devices
4.10.1 Records and Information Management and Retention Schedule Policy 
4.11.1 Identification Cards
4.13.1 Fair Labor Standards Act
4.14.2 Workplace Accommodation for Disabilities
4.14.1 Longevity Pay
4.14.2 Hazardous Duty Pay Policy
4.15.1 Probationary Period for Classified Employees
4.15.2 Criminal Background Check Policy
4.15.3 Hiring, Promotion, and Transfer Procedures
4.15.4 Hiring of Foreign Nationals Policy
4.15.5 Completion of Immigration & Naturalization Service Form I-9
4.15.6 Equal Employment Opportunity
4.15.7 Beginning and Ending Dates for the Appointment of Classified Employees
4.15.8 Overtime Compensation
4.15.9 Employment of Minors Policy
4.15.10 System-wide Classified Pay Plan
4.15.11 Appointment of Relatives (Nepotism Rule)
4.15.12 Selective Service Registration
4.16. 1 Personnel Records (Files)
4.16.2 Privacy and Security of Personal Information
4.16.4 Discipline and Dismissal of Employees
4.17.1 Retirement Policy
4.17.3 Employee Education and Training Policy 
4.18.2 Accounting for Time During Emergency Shutdown of the University 
4.18.3 Vacation Entitlement
4.18.4 Entitlement to Sick Leave 
4.18.5 Authorized Paid Leave Policy
4.18.6 Return to Work Policy
4.18.7 Family and Medical Leave Act
4.18.9 Sick Leave Pool Policy
4.18.11 Employee Leave of Absence Without Pay
4.18.12 Military Leave
4.18.13 Extended Unpaid Military Leave
4.18.14 Time Off to Vote  
4.18.15 Court Appearances
4.19.1 Grievance Policy and Procedures  
4.19.2 Separating Employment Procedure Policy 
4.19.3 Reduction in Force
4.19.4 Performance Evaluation
4.21.1 Awards and Recognition Programs
4.23.1 Holidays
4.23.2 Worker's Compensation Insurance Program
4.23.3 Multiple State Employment
4.24.1 Group Insurance
4.24.2 Eligibility of Retirees for Group Insurance Coverage 
4.25.0 Mother-Friendly Workplace Policy
4.27.0 Tax-sheltered Annuity Program Maximum Exclusion Allowance Policy