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Why Study Abroad?

Step-by-step application process: Path to Studying Abroad

Step 1:
Research travel/study programs offered by UT Tyler.

Step 2:
Safety first: Check the U.S. Department of State website for travel alerts and warnings and the International SOS Health and Safety Maps.

  • Travel to locations that have a U.S. Department of State Travel warning is discouraged. Be prepared to agree to and sign a statement of understanding concerning the risk(s) associated with travel to a country and/or region identified on the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Alerts and Warnings list.

  • POLICY UNDER REVIEW: All students participating in Study Abroad activities to countries at high risk for tuberculosis disease, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved World Health Organization (WHO) High Burden Countries list, must be screened for tuberculosis (TB).  This requirement applies to students visiting a High Burden Country at any time during the semester or vacation periods.  
    • Complete the Tuberculosis Symptom Screening Questionnaire upon return to campus.  If all answers are no, then complete a TB screening test in 8 weeks (instructions below). If the answer to any question is yes, then test immediately.
    • To obtain a TB screening test, complete the Tuberculosis Screening Documentation Form and make an appointment at the UT Tyler Health Clinic to complete the screening.  For additional information regarding current UT Tyler TB Screening Requirements, see Medical Clearance Requirements.

Step 3:
Attend a travel abroad informational meeting and meet one-on-one with the Travel/Study Abroad Advisor in the Office of International Programs (OIP) to determine your specific plan of action, especially regarding which program you will apply for, what classes you will take, how you will pay for the program, and begin creating your individual budget sheet. Contact studyabroad@uttyler.edu to set up a meeting.

Step 4:
Meet with the faculty/staff member leading the Travel/Study Abroad trip.  If applicable, also meet with your departmental advisor to ensure that the study abroad course/program fulfills your degree requirements.

Step 5:
Complete the proper forms from the options below:

  • Students participating in travel/study programs through the Office of International Programs (staff/faculty-led travel study programs and USAC programs) must complete and sign the UT Tyler Travel/Study student application form (electronic signatures are not accepted). 
    • All students who participate in travel study programs must receive medical clearance and be in good academic, judicial and financial standing with UT Tyler. Please note that student applications will not be processed if there is a pending action related to a policy violation.
    • Return the completed, signed application form to the OIP.  A $50 non-refundable processing fee will be applied to your student account upon acceptance. Please note that semester-long programs and year-long programs require an additional administrative fee (semester: $100; year-long: $200).
  • All international students must also complete the International Student Request to Participate in Staff/Faculty-led Travel/Study Abroad form and turn it in to their international advisor in the OIP International Student, Scholar and Faculty Services Center.
  • If you are planning to enroll in a semester or year-long program (attend non-UT Tyler courses abroad) and wish to transfer credits back to UT Tyler, you must complete the Pre-Approval Form for Courses Abroad and obtain the required signatures from the appropriate academic department. Please use one form per department and seek assistance from the OIP Study Abroad Advisor as needed. Remember that upon your return, you will need to provide a sealed transcript or letter on university letterhead to the registrar's office stating the name of the course, dates attended, professor, and any other details about the course. The most important points - the documentation must be sealed, official, and in English.

Step 6:
Make an appointment with the UT Tyler Health Clinic for the mandatory pre-trip health screening. This service is free for UT Tyler students at the University Health Clinic. Prior to your appointment, obtain and complete a Pre-Travel Health Screening Form to provide to the physician, as well as a Pre-Travel Health Assessment Form to be completed by your physician (specific to your trip), from your study abroad advisor at the OIP. Take both forms to your appointment.

  • Students must complete the Pre-Travel Health Screening Form prior to scheduling an appointment for a physical at the UT Tyler Health Clinic. 
  • The Pre-Travel Health Assessment Form will be completed by a doctor at the UT Tyler Health Clinic (or at the clinic of your choice). This form is not provided to the OIP.
  • Bring the completed Pre-Travel Health Assessment Form to the Study Abroad Advisor no later than one (1) month prior to your planned trip.
  • Should you need immunizations, or other travel related health requirements prior to departure, you will need to make an appointment, at your own cost, at the UT Health Northeast Travel Clinic (or at another travel clinic of your choice).

Step 7:
Be aware of fees/deposit deadlines for chosen program. Please be sure to calculate these into your budget sheet.

Step 8:
Provide a copy of your passport to your OIP Study Abroad Advisor. You may apply for a passport at the UT Tyler Passport Acceptance Facility if you don't already have one. Be aware of the fact that your passport should be valid for more than six (6) months through the date that you will return to the U.S. It is recommended that you renew your passport nine (9) months before your passport expires.

Step 9:
Research and apply for financial aid and/or scholarships.

Step 10:

Attend the mandatory “Study Abroad for Students” workshop (a specific Pre-Departure Meeting, tailored to your specific trip). The Faculty Leader and Study Abroad Advisor will inform you about the date of the workshop. During the workshop, students will:

  • Complete UT Tyler Release Form, Participant Responsibility Form and Emergency Contact Form if they haven't already.
  • Register with International SOS. Contact studyabroad@uttyler.edu to obtain instructions.
  • Register with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
  • Receive emergency contact card to be kept in possession at all times during trip.

Step 11:

Purchase the UT System mandatory Study Abroad Health Insurance plan. This is charged to your student account, usually after your pre-departure meeting, and must be paid as soon as possible to prevent a hold being placed on your account.

Step 12:
Upon return:

  • Complete mandatory post-trip evaluation form.
  • Complete mandatory post-trip scholarship acknowledgment letters.


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