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Spring 2017

Israel Travel Study
(UNIV 4368 or UNIV 5368 to receive POLS, ECON or CRIJ credit)
9-21 March 2017
Dr. Martin Slann, College of Arts and Sciences
Mrs. Susan Doty, Department of Social Sciences
Dr. David Scott, Department of Social Sciences

Italy Travel Study
(BIOL 4395-001: Italian Culture and Medicine)
Spring 2017 
Dr. Ali Azghani, College of Arts and Sciences

Summer 2017

Transcultural Health: Taiwan Immersion
(NURS 5341 / NURS 6382: Transcultural Health: Taiwan Immersion, or NURS 5329: Nurse Educator Role: Strategies and Practicum)
6-23 May, 2017
Dr. Beth Mastel-Smith, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Honors Recreational Trip: Italy, France, Morocco, Spain
11-19 May, 2017
Ms. Katherine Hellmann, Honors Coordinator
Dr. Randy LeBlanc, College of Arts and Sciences

Germany, Italy, Switzerland
(MANA 3312/5360: International Business/Global Business Perspectives, MARK 4360: International Marketing, or SPCM 1311: Introduction to Communication Studies)
15-24 May 2017 
Dr. Miguel Caldas, College of Business and Technology
Dr. Barbara Wooldridge, College of Business and Technology
Dr. Justin Velten, College of Arts and Sciences

Service Learning in Costa Rica
(EDUC 4160: Special Topics: Costa Rica Service Learning Project)
15-26 May 2017
Office of International Programs

Costa Rica Spanish Immersion
(UNIV 4368 / 5368 to complete or partially complete program language requirement, or SPAN 5302: Medical Spanish II for graduate nursing students)
8-29 July 2017
Dr. Greg Utley, College of Arts and Sciences

GATE Faculty/Staff-Led Trip: Vietnam
Summer 2017


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