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Transfer Out of UT Tyler

F-1 students holding a UT Tyler I-20 may choose to enroll full-time at another institution. In order to maintain legal F-1 status, students must arrange to transfer their SEVIS I-20 record from UT Tyler and to receive a new I-20 from the new institution. This requires coordination between the student, the UT Tyler ISSFS and the new institution.


  1. Apply for admission to the new institution.
  2. Contact the international student advisor at the new institution to learn what their SEVIS I-20 record transfer process is. Many schools require a SEVIS Transfer Release Form to be signed by the student and UT Tyler to verify F-1 status. If requested, submit the form to ISSFS.
  3. Submit written request to ISSFS to transfer your SEVIS I-20 record to the new institution.
    • Send an email to issfs@uttyler.edu from your Patriots email account. Include your name, UT Tyler ID, the name and SEVIS code of the new institution, and the date on which you would like your SEVIS record transferred.
    • Also attach a copy of your acceptance letter from the new institution. See "timing" below for processing time information.
    • Your SEVIS I-20 record will then be transferred to the new institution on the release date you requested, and UT Tyler will no longer be able to access your SEVIS I-20 record.
  4. Contact the new institution to complete any additional requirements so that they can issue your new I-20. At that point, you are responsible to maintain F-1 student status with the new institution.


There are several things to consider when selecting a "transfer out release date" for your SEVIS
I-20 record:

  1. Your "transfer out release date" should be after the last semester of enrollment at UT Tyler. For example, if your last semester of enrollment at UT Tyler is the spring semester, you can submit your request to transfer out your SEVIS I-20 record at any time, but the "transfer out release date" that you request should be after the last day of the spring semester.
  2. You cannot continue to work on the UT Tyler campus beyond the "transfer-out release date."
  3. If you are currently authorized for Optional Practical Training (OPT), the OPT automatically terminates when the "transfer-out release date" passes. You will want to choose a date that is after the last day you intend to work on OPT.
  4. If you are traveling internationally between the end of your last semester at UT Tyler and the first semester at the new institution, you cannot re-enter the US on your current UT Tyler I-20. You must obtain a Transfer Pending I-20 from the new institution and re-enter using that document.
  5. The transfer-in institution may have deadlines to meet regarding transfer procedures and issuance of your new I-20. Check with the appropriate office at the new institution.

Contact the international student advisor if you would like assistance in determining the appropriate "transfer out release date" for your circumstances or have questions about the above process.

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