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HyFlex Programs

Online Education

HyFlex programs at The University of Texas at Tyler combine the best attributes of face to face and online learning to offer outstanding degree programs that have high levels of student engagement, active learning and flexibility at their core. If you don't have time to come to class every day, or you are just not quite sure you want a 100% online degree, UT Tyler's HyFlex programs are for you.

HyFlex Programs

Introducing the PATSS Initiative

The University of Texas System, in conjunction with The University of Texas at Tyler, has invested $8,000,000.00 for the creation of 100% HyFlex degree programs. The PATSS Initiative is a 5-year project with the goal of creating state-of-the-art HyFlex degrees for many of The University of Texas at Tyler's most popular degree programs. With over $4,000,000 devoted to improvements in infrastructure and $4,000,000 dedicated to faculty and course development, the PATSS Initiative is one of the most transformational programs in The University of Texas at Tyler's history. The President, Dr. Mabry, has said that this project is one of the most important initiatives the University will undertake this decade.

Fall 2013 PATSS Approved HyFlex Classes
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Core Curriculum

  • ENGL 1301 - Grammar and Composition - Emily Standridge
  • ENGL 2323 - English Literature - Carolyn Tilghman
  • POLS 2305 - American Government - Amentahru Wahlrab
  • ART 1301 - Intro to Art - Merrie Wright

BA Psychology

  • PSYC 2354 - Psychological Statistics - Shelly Marmion
  • PSYC 3310 Health Psychology - Dung Ngo
  • PSYC 3325 Learning and Conditioning - Laura Lamb

BS Construction Management

  • CMGT 2302 - Intro to Construct Manage - Cherie Jones
  • CMGT 4375 - Construction Admin & Econ - Althea Arnold

BS Criminal Justice

  • CRIJ 3320 - Criminology - John Clark

BS Health Studies

  • ALHS 3362 - Behavioral Health - Fletcher Njororai
  • ALHS 4333 - Stress Management - Tara Eaton

BS Kinesiology

  • KINE 3303 - Motor Development - Wycliffe Njororai
  • KINE 3311 - Exercise Physiology - Scott Spier
  • KINE 3331 - Motor Learning - Wycliffe Njororai
  • KINE 3334 - Biomechanics - Neil Dong
  • HECC 4333 - Test and Measurement - Reuben Cowan

BBA Finance

  • ACCT 3325 - Income Tax I - Roger Lirely

MA Political Science

  • POLS 5331 - Seminar in Comparative Politics - Marcus Stadelmann

BSIS – Early Childhood through Grade 6

  • ELED 4314 Methods of Teaching Elem Sci Julie Delello
  • EDUC 1301 Intro to the Teaching Profession Chip Fischer
  • READ 3330 Children's Literature Olga Fischer

BS Nursing (RN-BSN)

  • NURS 3333 Nursing Research Colleen Marzilli

BFA with a Concentration in Digital Arts

  • Participation Starting Fall 2014