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Video Tours of an Online Course

Online Education

Fully online, HyFlex and technology enhanced face-to-face classes at UT Tyler all share the same Learning Management System (LMS) and that is Blackboard. Therefore, if you are new to UT Tyler, or if this is your first time using Blackboard, please feel free to view one or more of the following informational videos related to successful navigation of your classes. These videos cover topics from "Logging In" to "Checking Grades" and even how to get help if you are experiencing trouble.

Sometimes even finding the right place to log in is challenging, so this video walks you step by step.

The course syllabus is one of the most important aspects of any course, and this video takes you right to it.

This video illustrates "how" you will navigate your course, highlighting the most important navigation tools necessary for successful completion of the course.

Although courses are set up differently, many faculty utilize the assignment tool in their classes to provide a one stop shop for your in-class and/or homework assignments. This video will show you some of the features of the assignment tool in your course.

One of the great things about the grade book in Blackboard is the instantaneous nature in which you will receive your grade updates. This video demonstrates how to get to the grade book and some basic tools within the grade book that will help you succeed.

Remember, the only dumb question is the one that is not asked. If, after watching these videos, you can still not find help with what you are looking for, this video provides multiple ways to receive help using the technology.

Orientation Class

Once you have gone through the videos, you are more than welcome to enter UT Tyler's Orientation Course. You will be able to practice everything that was explained in the informational videos and see if you can accomplish the tasks. Although your individual UT Tyler online, HyFlex and/or technology enhanced face-to-face class may appear different than the Orientation Course, all classes will share the same common platform.

Prospective students can access the Sample Orientation Course by navigating to Blackboard in their browser (we recommend Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) and entering the following credentials:

Username: patriot
Password: patriot


After successfully logging in, the browser will display a landing page with a single course link titled "Blackboard Orientation Course." This is a hot link that the student will "click" in order to access the course.

A course announcement indicates how to access the course syllabus for specific instructions. The student can complete the course at their own pace.

Have fun!

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