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The Texas State Core Curriculum

Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy

The Texas Core Curriculum describes the general education requirements that all first time college graduates must complete as part of their degree program. The core curriculum may be completed at The University of Texas at Tyler or at another institution.  To determine if you are required to complete the Texas Core Curriculum, please refer to the table below.





 Requirement to take the Texas Core Curriculum
 Texas  No  Yes, the Texas Core Curriculum wil lneed to be completed
 Out of State


 Yes, the Texas Core Curriculum wil lneed to be completed
 Texas or Out of State  Yes    No, the Texas Core Curriculum does NOT need to complete

Please note, if the Texas Core Curriculum was completed at another college or university, UT Tyler will consider this complete if completion of the core is documented on that transcript.

Types of Courses included in the Texas Core Curriculum

The Texas Core Curriculum includes courses such as history, government, fine arts, the sciences, communication, and mathematics. A list of courses that fullfil the Texas Core Curriculum is provided on the 2014-16 General Education Core Curriculum webpage.

 Topic   SCH     Topic   SCH 
 10  Communication     6    60   American History   6
 20  Mathematics  3    70  Government/Political Sciences  6
 30   Life and Physical Sciences    6    80  Social and Behavioral Sciences   3
 40  Language, Philosophy, & Culture  3      Component Area Option: Human Expression  3
 50  Creative Arts     3      Component Area Option: STEM  3

Timeline to Complete the Texas Core Curriculum:

It is recommended that the Texas Core Curriculum be completed prior to entry into the College of Pharmacy, however select courses may be taken during the first two years of the Pharm.D. program. Students may take up to 12 semester credit hours during this time from the following categories: (40) language, philosophy and culture, (50) creative arts, (60) American history and (70) government/political science.

It is recommended that these classes, if taken, be completed during the first and/or second summer semester. This will allow students to concentrate on the Pharm.D. curriculum during the fall and spring semesters of school. Students taking the core classes at UT Tyler will be restricted to taking these during the summer, however students may also take these at other institutions. All students are responsible for tuition and fees associated with the Texas Core Curriculum courses.** All other prerequisite and Texas Core Curriculum courses must be completed prior to entry into the Pharm.D. program.