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Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy

Prerequisite Courses 

The College of Pharmacy is now accepting Business and Professional Communication (SPCH 1321)  for the Speech prerequisite. 

Pre-pharmacy courses provide a solid foundation for the Pharm.D. curriculum and a well-rounded general education. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education recommends chemistry, biology, mathematics, information and communication technologies, physical sciences and general education courses as a foundation for the Pharm.D. curriculum (ACPE 2011, Standard 17.1). Additionally, for students entering pharmacy school in 2016 or later, the ACPE draft standards recommend economics as a pharmacy prerequisite.

College of Pharmacy Prerequisite Coursework
(Example 2-year Schedule)
Approved 8-2014
Fall: Semester 1 UT Tyler Course(s) TCCNS SCH 1    
General Chemistry I & Lab CHEM 1311 & 1111 CHEM (1311 & 1111) or 1411 4
Biology I & Lab BIOL 1306 & 1106 BIOL (1306 & 1106) or 1406 4
Fundamentals of Speech SPCM 1315, 1311, SPCH 1315, 1311, or 1321 3
TX Core Curriculum2,3 See List   3
Spring: Semester 2      
General Chemistry II & Lab CHEM 1312 & 1112 CHEM (1312 & 1112) or 1412 4
Biology II & Lab BIOL 1307 & 1107 BIOL (1307 & 1107) or 1407 4

Microbiology & Lab

BIOL 2320 & 2120 or BIOL 4300 & 4101

BIOL (2320 & 2120) or (2321 & 2121) or 2421

TX Core Curriculum2,3 See List   3
TX Core Curriculum2,3 See List   6
Fall: Semester 3      
Organic Chemistry I & Lab CHEM 3342 & 3134 CHEM (2323 & 2223) or 2423 4
Calculus I MATH 2413 or 1325 MATH 2413, 2313, 1325, or 1425 3-4
Anatomy/Physiology I & Lab4 BIOL 2301 & 2101 BIOL (2301 & 2101) or 2401 4
TX Core Curriculum2,3 See List   6
Spring: Semester 4      
Organic Chemistry II & Lab CHEM 3344  & 3145 CHEM (2325 & 2225) or 2425 4
Anatomy/Physiology II & Lab4 BIOL 2302 & 2102 BIOL (2302 & 2102) or 2402 4
TX Core Curriculum2,3 See List   9
TX Core Curriculum2,3 Available if needed, See List   6
  1. SCH: Semester credit hours; TCCNS: Texas Core Course Numbering System.
  2. For a list of Texas Core Curriculum courses, see the Texas Core Curriculum Web page.
  3. Economics will be required for students entering the pharmacy school starting fall 2016. This may be macro or microeconomics (ECON 2301 or 2302).
  4. Separate anatomy (3 SCH) & lab (1 SCH) and physiology (3 SCH) & lab (1 SCH) courses will meet the requirement of two semesters of anatomy/physiology.

Time Requirements

Organic chemistry, biology, microbiology and anatomy/physiology, courses must be completed no longer than seven years prior to entry into the college of pharmacy. Students wanting to be considered for an exception(s) to the prerequisite(s) or other requirements must submit a Pharmacy Prerequisite Exemption Request form which can be found here.  Once the form has been filled out completely please e-mail to the Office of Student Affairs. Pre-pharmacy courses do not have to be completed prior to applying to the College of Pharmacy, but must be completed prior to entry.

Colleges and universities, including UT Tyler, may have restrictions regarding on if a course may be retaken or if approval is needed from the Registrar's Office to retake a course. If you require a letter or email stating that retaking the course is required as part of the admission requirements, please contact the College of Pharmacy's Student Affairs Office. You may or may not be able to request financial aid for those courses being retaken. Please consult with your specific college's Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Grade Requirements

All prerequisite must be completed at a grade of C or higher. Students may retake these courses if they receive a grade lower than a "C". If the repeated grade is a "C" or higher, this requirement will be considered met. Both the original grade(s) and the repeated grade(s) will be included in the GPA calculations.

Advanced placement (AP)

AP courses may be substituted for a required course depending upon the score obtained, refer to UT Tyler Admissions for more information.

Texas Core Curriculum

The Texas Core Curriculum describes the general education requirements that all first time college graduates in Texas must complete as part of their degree program. Exemptions to this requirement and additional information, may be found on the Texas State Core Curriculum Web page.

Equivalent Coursework at Other Colleges and Universities

Courses can be identified through the Texas Common Course Numbering System and/or the Equivalency Sheets web page. For courses not included in the TCCNS, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

For More Information Contact:

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3900 University Blvd. Tyler, TX 75799
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