UT Tyler Physical Plant

  • UT Tyler campus is 207 acres -- 56 acres are mowed and landscaped.
  • UT Tyler campus has 2.7 miles of roads.
  • UT Tyler campus has 18.26 acres of parking lots and 3.5 miles of sidewalks.
  • UT Tyler campus has 55 buildings totaling 1,465,571 gross square feet.
  • UT Tyler campus consumes 30,367,800 cubic feet of water per year.
  • UT Tyler campus uses 9,149,505 KWH of electricity per year, enough to supply electricity to approximately 2,179 homes for a year.
  • UT Tyler campus consumes 109,073 cubic feet of natural gas per year, enough to heat approximately 70 homes for a year.
  • UT Tyler campus generates 16,700 cubic yards of non-recyclable trash per year.