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2016-2025 Strategic Plan

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is the process of developing a vision and plan for UT Tyler's future. In 2015, the University's Strategic Planning Committee took on the task of developing a new strategic plan. After gathering input from students, faculty, staff and community members regarding UT Tyler's direction for the future, the committee compiled the many ideas put forth and facilitated the formation of the new strategic plan. 

Timeline for Strategic Planning Process

  • January-April 2015: Committee gathers input from internal and external sources
  • February 2015: Committee develops and communicates initial set of themes and initiatives
  • April 2015: Committee compiles information collected from dozens of listening sessions conducted with university faculty, staff and students
  • May-June 2015: Develops and communicates revised set of themes and initiatives and creates draft of strategic plan
  • July 2015: Creates second draft of plan
  • July-August 2015: Cabinet review and revisions to plan
  • Convocation, August 2015: President presents new strategic plan and direction
  • Fall 2015-Fall 2025: Campus participates in the development of metrics to further develop plan goals and details

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