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Office of the Registrar

Change or Declaration of Major or Sub-plan

To change your major, select the appropriate form from our Forms Library page.

Special Notes on Sub-plans

Sub-plans are primarily teacher certifications or special areas of focus students can choose to pursue as a compliment to their degree. Some degrees, such as Interdisciplinary studies, do require a sub-plan; most do not.

Each sub-plan is directly tied to a specific degree plan and can only be completed by students on that degree plan. For example; only a student seeking a Bachelor of Science majoring in Kinesiology are eligible for the Physical Education EC-12 sub-plan, and only a student seeking the Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics is eligible for the UTeach Math (8-12) sub-plan.

Special Note on Catalog Requirements

Per the Declaration/Change of Major policy listed in the Catalog: "Students who change majors must meet the specific requirements for the new major as stated in the catalog in effect at the time of the change of major."

This means that when a student changes their major, they are subject to the degree requirements for their new major as they appear in the current Catalog in effect for the University, even if that is not the Catalog the student is otherwise bound to.

For example, if a student majoring in History with a Catalog Year of Fall 2007, which falls under the 2006-2008 Catalog, changes their major to Finance in Fall 2010, their degree requirements for the Finance degree will be based on the requirements for that degree as they appear in the 2010-2012 Catalog. The student will still have all other graduation requirements, such as their Core Curriculum, based on the 2006-2008 Catalog.

Students should consult an advisor before changing majors to discuss the degree requirements for the new major under the current Catalog.

Turning Forms in on Campus

Forms turned in on campus should be taken to the Enrollment Services Center (ADM 230).

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Once the Office of the Registrar has received your request, we will update your records and inform your new department.