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Student Right to Know Data for cohort years 2006-2009:

UT Tyler's average graduation rate (in six years or less) for the last four years is 43%. This four-year average includes students who entered in fall 2006, fall 2007, fall 2008 and fall 2009 and who graduated by Aug. 31, 2015. UT Tyler tracks the percentage of first-time, full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students who earn a bachelor's degree in six years or less.

Calculation of four-year average rates with adjustment to cohort:

  • 2006 cohort: cohort size of 585; 238 graduates in six years or less 238/585=41%
  • 2007 cohort: cohort size of 612; 270 graduates in six years or less 270/612=44%
  • 2008 cohort: cohort size of 584; 262 graduates in six years or less 262/584=45%
  • 2009 cohort: cohort size of 587; 239 graduates in six years or less 239/587=41%

Total 1,009 graduates out of 2,368 in the last four cohorts:
Four-year average completion rate = 43%.

Source: 2015 IPEDS Graduation Rates 2015-16
Prepared by Office of Institutional Analysis

Any questions concerning the Student Right to Know data may be directed to Sonja Morale, Registrar at Smorale@uttyler.edu.

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