UT Tyler

The Center for Organic Semiconductor Modeling and Simulation (COSMoS)

Office of Research and Technology Transfer

The Center for Organic Semiconductor Modeling and Simulation (COSMoS) was established through

federal funding. COSMOS will constitute a collaborative

research program between The University of Texas at Tyler and The University of Texas at Dallas to develop a scientific approach for describing organic electronics. Behavior modeling and asynchronous distributed simulation will be used to model electronic transport in molecular systems, in conjunction with device fabrication and testing to improve the understanding of organic semiconductor materials and devices.

In this research program, representative organic semiconductor devices with different molecules, grain sizes, grain orientations, and other parameters will be fabricated; their electrical characteristics measured; and original mathematical and computer models to describe the electrical characteristics of the devices will be developed, validated, and refined. The use of analytic equations will be followed by discrete-event-based behavior modeling and simulation to accelerate the development process, permitting progress in a scientific and systematic manner. The eventual goal of the research is to achieve a high degree of understanding, so that it will be possible to first predict and then control the behavior of real-world flexible electronics

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