UT Tyler

Confined Space Entry Program

Environmental Health and Safety

    1. POLICY
      1. Any individual entering into a confined space on UT Tyler property will do so in accordance with the procedures outlined in this document. This document complies with all applicable regulatory standards and includes specific non-regulatory requirements set forth by the EH&S department.
      2. All persons planning on entering a confined space on campus must obtain a Confined Space Entry Permit from the Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) department director or his/her designee and have it signed by their supervisor. EH&S staff or individuals designated by the department director are responsible for air testing confined spaces and completing Confined Space Entry Permits.
      3. EH&S will provide personal protective equipment, operating equipment and supervision necessary for protection of individual health and safety. All current practices in confined space entry will meet or exceed applicable federal, state and local safety regulations.

To ensure that all individuals entering a confined space adhere to established safety practices and utilize required confined space entry equipment.