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Department Safety Liaison Program

Maintaining a Safe Campus Environment

The University of Texas at Tyler has developed a network of key personnel that represent departments in all of our facilities on the Tyler, Longview, Palestine and Houston campuses. This team is primarily comprised of faculty and staff and is a key component of the Department Safety Liaison (DSL) program.

The DSLs are trained to execute leadership roles and responsibilities during normal day-to-day activities and in the event of an emergency situation. The DSL Facility Assignment List depicts the department representatives and their assigned facilities.

The Environmental Health and Safety Department (EH&S) provides oversight of the DSL Program. The EH&S DSL coordinator convenes bimonthly meetings and coordinates training and equipment for team members.

It is highly recommended that faculty and staff learn who the DSL representatives are for the facilities they reside in and gain a basic understanding of the emergency procedures before an incident occurs.

Emergency Planning

The university has developed its emergency management program in accordance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). A specific aspect of the program is the centralized planning and decentralized implementation model. University police and the emergency management coordinator (EMC) develop plans and procedures to mitigate potential emergency scenarios and the DSLs implement the required actions.

In the event of an emergency, DSLs will implement the applicable Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for their assigned area/facility. EAPs provide procedural guidance that is specifically tailored for each facility. Evacuation, shelter-in-place and active shooter EAPs are developed by the DSLs in coordination with the EMC.

DSLs also assist with drills designed to test and improve our emergency plans and procedures and overall university preparedness. The campus communities are encouraged to obtain an understanding of their emergency procedures and participate in facility and/or campus drills.

Accidents & Incidents

Each DSL is issued a first-aid kit and receives CPR/AED/Basic First Aid training. They are expected to assist people in the event of an accident/incident and ensure the event is properly reported.

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