Campus Emergency Guidelines

Environmental Health and Safety

Emergency Numbers

Emergency number 7300
University Pines
(Tyler Police, Fire, EMS)
Poison Control Center 1.800.POISON.1
Animal Control-City of Tyler 903.535.0045

Important Numbers

UT Tyler Police -dispatch
Police Emergency Cell (for use with power outage when unable to contact dispatch) 903.520.7404
Environmental Health and Safety 903.566.7011
Parking Office 903.565.5840
Administrative Offices 903.566.7060
President's Office 903.566.7199
Provost 903.566.7103
VP of Student Affairs and Public Relations 903.566.7028
VP for Business Affairs 903.566.7107
Physical Plant 903.566.7291
Physical Plant Utilities Operations 903.566.7030
Marketing and Communications Office 903.566.7170
Student Counseling Ctr. 903.566.7079
Services for Students w/ Disabilities 903.566.7079

For more information, please contact: Environmental Health & Safety 903.566.7011

If you discover a FIRE

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  • Call the Fire Department at 9.911, if safe to do so. DO NOT GO INTO AN OFFICE LOOKING FOR A PHONE.
  • Notify others in your area.
  • Calmly proceed to an open area 100 yards away from the affected building.

If you hear an ALARM

  • Turn off electrical equipment.
  • Close doors against fire.
  • Don't use elevators
  • Use fire exit stairwells.
  • Calmly proceed to an open area 100 yards away from the affected building

If you or anyone around you experiences a MEDICAL EMERGENCY

  • Report the injury to your supervisor
  • Call UT Tyler Police at 7300.
  • Administer First Aid/CPR only if properly trained to do so.


  • Take cover in designated "safe areas" or under heavy furniture on the ground floor in the center of a building, away from outside walls and windows.
  • If outside, take cover and lie flat in the nearest drainage ditch, excavation or ravine.
  • Avoid auditoriums, lecture halls, laboratories, studios and hazardous chemical storage areas.

If you receive a BOMB THREAT

  • Elicit as much information as possible.
  • Call UT Tyler Police at 7300.
  • Check your immediate area for suspicious objects. DO NOT HANDLE ANY OBJECTS FOUND.
  • If told by police, notify others in your area and calmly proceed to an open area 300 yards away from the affected building.

Bomb Threat Call Checklist

Obtain as much detail as possible about the bomb and its location. Legitimate callers usually wish to avoid injury or death -- request more information by expressing a desire to save lives.

NOTE: Date:___________________ Time:____________________ of call.

  1. Exact language used.


  2. Exactly where is the bomb?

  3. What time will it explode?

  4. What does it look like?

  5. What is it made of?

  6. Why are you doing this?

RECORD: Male or Female Estimated age_____ Ethnicity_______

Adult or Child

Speech (Check Applicable Boxes)

Slow, Excited or Disguised Accent __________

Rapid, Loud or Broken

Normal, Intoxicated or Sincere

Background Noises:____________ _____________________

Name of Person Receiving Call: ________________________________________

NOTIFY: Upon receipt of a bomb threat, immediately report the call to UT Tyler Police at 7060 or 7300 after regular business hours.


Suspicious Persons

If you notice someone who arouses your suspicion:
  • Immediately call UT Tyler Police at 7060 or 7300.
  • If this person is requesting to see a particular university official, ask the person to be seated.
  • If possible, go to a phone outside the subject's hearing range and give the details and description of the subject to security staff.