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Supplemental Instruction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is:
A series of weekly peer-assisted study sessions (led by an SI Leader) in courses identified as “difficult" by previous students.

Designed to help improve study skills with the goal of improving grades ½ to 1 whole grade point.

Voluntary for students who want to improve understanding of course material and content.

A collaborative effort among classmates to . . .

  1. Compare notes;
  2. Discuss important concepts;
  3. Develop strategies to study the subject; and
  4. Test yourselves before the instructor does. When they do test you, you’ll be ready!

What's an SI Leader?

Have you ever said, “If I knew then what I know now?” Or have you ever wished for a “do over”—repeating an experience from the past with the advantage of being armed with the information you have now?

These are impossible situations, but you can come close in SI with an SI Leader who:

Has taken the course before and done well.
Is a student and is prepared to share with you “what to learn” and “how to learn” in the course.
Will attend class everyday, hearing what you hear and reading what you read.

When do SI sessions start?

On the first day of class, you will fill out a short survey to let the SI Leader know your schedule.
SI Leaders will set up 2-3 sessions a week at times that are best for most students.
SI sessions should begin no later than the second week of classes.

What's in it for me?

With regular attendance, chances are good that you'll earn a better grade! You'll have developed a better understanding of course content as well as more effective ways of studying. This will help you in all your classes!
What can be expected in an SI session?

SI Leader will enforce main concepts from the lecture, share problem-solving techniques, provide test reviews, and give practice tests/quizzes before the actual test.
You can attend as many sessions as you like. Each session will be different as they follow the instructor’s lectures.

Sessions are informal—just bring your notes, textbooks, and questions.

SI is NOT:



Copies of the notes

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