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Student Learning Communities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Learning Community?

Student Learning Communities are small groups of students with a common major or interest that take one core course and a freshman success seminar together. Student Learning Community students have the opportunity to quickly make friends and develop close relationships with UT Tyler faculty and staff.

Why join a Learning Community?

Participants in the Learning Community programs can expect:

  • Increased academic success
  • Introduction to academic and social resources
  • Participation in programs and events
  • Close relationships with University faculty and staff
  • A close network of peers
  • A small, comfortable learning environment
  • Guest speakers from the University and local community
  • A more positive freshman year experience

Who is eligible to participate?

Students must be officially accepted as a freshman into UT Tyler before being considered for participation in a Student Learning Community. The Student Learning Community coordinator is responsible for final admission decisions for the SLC program.

How do I sign up for a learning community?

To register for a Student Learning Community contact the Academic Advising Center at 903.565.5718 or reserve a time online for an appointment. Your academic advisor will assist you in choosing the best Student Learning Community for you.

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