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Folio 180

Folio 180 is a program that allows you to develop your co-curricular transcript. A co-curricular transcript (CCT) is an official university document used to track your extra-curricular activities (i.e. student organization membership, community service, leadership, professional development, etc.) Your official co-curricular transcript can be submitted with applications for employment, graduate school, internships, and scholarships.


  1. Who has access to Folio 180?

    All currently registered students have access to Folio 180. The list is updated each semester once the census date has passed and enrollment can be verified. Students will continue to have access to the system until they are no longer a UT Tyler student.

  2. How do I access Folio 180?

    Students receive an email from the Folio 180 system which provides them with their log-in details to begin using the program. Once students log in to the system they are encouraged to change their password to something they can remember. The Folio 180 email address is Students are encouraged to add this email address to their contact list so that future Folio 180 correspondence is not delivered to junk mail. The Folio 180 website is

  3. How do I use Folio 180?

    There are a couple of options for students to learn how to use Folio 180. The Patriot Leadership Team is available to run trainings for student organizations or groups who are interested in learning the program. Individuals may also request an appointment for training if they have questions about Folio 180. All training requests should go through Chase Ragland. Chase can be reached at

    In addition to the training sessions, the Folio 180 system also provides tutorials on using the program. From your home page of Folio 180, you can click on the "Help" link and find information on how to use each feature of Folio 180. You can also click on "QuickStart" to view video tutorials of the program.

  4. What does "validation" mean in the Folio180 system?

    Validation is a feature in the Folio 180 program that allows for UT Tyler to verify the activities that you input on your co-curricular transcript. Activities must be validated in order to show up on your official co-curricular transcript. To validate an activity you will need to click on the validation tab or link, select the faculty/staff member or input any individual not listed, and send the request to that individual. For example, if you list that you are the President of an organization you need to send your validation request to the advisor of that organization.

    If a student sends a validation request to you, you will receive an email from Folio 180. That email will tell you the name of the student and the activity/information they are requesting to be validated. You will be provided with a link that will take you to the Folio 180 system. You do not have to log in to the system to complete this process. You can either validate or reject the student's request, as well as leave a note for the student should you need.

  5. What is the difference between an unofficial and official co-curricular transcript?

    The unofficial transcript will show all activities that have been entered into the system. This transcript will show the validation status of each activity and includes both validated and unvalidated activities. The unofficial transcript is marked as unofficial on the top of the transcript and as a watermark. This transcript can be accessed immediately from the system using the link located on your Folio 180 home page.

    The official transcript will show only those activities that have been validated. You can request an official transcript using the link located on your Folio 180 home page. You will need to enter information regarding where you would like the transcript to be sent. Official transcripts are processed through the Student Life and Leadership office and any questions regarding these transcripts can be directed to Chase Ragland,

  6. What acvities should be included in the co-curricular transcript?

    The categories listed within the Folio 180 system are honors and awards, professional development, memberships, community service and volunteerism, certifications, and military experience. Since this is an official university document, students should limit activities to those performed while they are a student at UT Tyler.

  7. What if I do not know the definition of a category or section?

    Certain categories and sections within Folio 180 have a circle with a question mark beside them. Clicking on that question mark allows you to view the definition and additional information for those categories/sections.

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