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Statement of Purpose/Organization Description

We, the members of The Campus Activities Board (CAB) strive to provide the campus with diverse programs of cultural, social, educational, and recreational nature through the efforts of students who actively plan, implement, and evaluate programs. The Campus Activities Board exists for the betterment of The University of Texas at Tyler Campus community as a whole and to remain responsive to student attitudes, interests, and needs. It also provides programs that reflect and respond to those interests and fosters the social intellectual, and moral development of the members of the college community. The Campus Activities Board shall not be discriminatory in terms of race, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, social status, physical abilities, or any other protected status.

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Upcoming Events

Organization Contacts

Jade Perry, President

Elena Chippie, President

Corinne Smith, Treasurer

Isha Rush, Director of Communications

Andrew Miller, Director of Members at Large

Ashlea L. Wilson, Advisor

Organization email address: uttylercab@gmail.com

Organization website:www.uttyler.edu/sll/campusactivities

Phone Number: 903.565.5796






Updated as of 10/12/17

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