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LDSSA (Latter-day Saint Student Association)

Statement of Purpose/Organization Description: Our purpose and mission statement is to encourage and provide the members of the LDSSA organization a balance in their student life while at this university. We will seek to be a good influence on the campus of UT Tyler, and the entire community of Tyler, by adhering to the principles of our faith and allowing others the same rights and privileges. We also seek to be of service to our fellow students and faculty while living a clean and moral life and trying to be a good example to our fellow peers. As we meet, we will discuss how we can do this better and work with the university to establish the kind of safe environment that will attract like individuals to the campus.

Organization Contacts


Cameron Rose, Advisor

Organization e-mail address:sullivanwh@ldschurch.org

Organization phone number:903.343.7254

Organization national affiliation:Institute.lds.org


Updated as of 10/3/16

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