UT Tyler

UT Tyler Sociology Division

Minor in Sociology

SOCI 1301: Introduction to Sociology [TCCN: SOCI 1301] An introductory course including the study of the relationship of individuals to culture, groups, and major social institutions. Representative topics may include family, religion, politics, population, education, crime, environment, and others. . .

SOCI 1306: Contemporary Social Problems [TCCN: SOCI 1306] An analysis of current problems that influence the well-being of individuals, institutions, and societies. A goal is to provide students with a perspective to evaluate conflicts in values, individual deviance, family instability, aging, environment, terrorism, drug abuse, and other contemporary issues. Possible solutions based on sociological theory are explored.

SOCI 2326: Social Psychology Theories, methods, and applications in social psychology; the nature and type of social variables and methods used to study them.

SOCI 2330: Social Change and Development Global and historical patterns of change are examined as societies progress from agricultural, to industrial, and post industrial economies. Consequences of modernization of economy to the individual and to cultures are explored. The role of sociology in anticipating and planning for change is studied. . .

SOCI 3302: Deviant Behavior (Same as CRIJ 3302) Study of various definitions, probable sources, and major effects of social deviance. Emphasis on evaluating strategies for reducing such deviance.

SOCI 3315: Social Stratification Study of systems of social inequality with emphasis on modern western societies.

SOCI 3320: Introduction to Social Work Study of applied social work in contemporary society.

SOCI 3321: Multi-Cultural Studies Studies relations among cultural groups. .

SOCI 3328: White-Collar Crime (Same as CRIJ 3328) Study of the causes, consequences, and control of white-collar crime.

SOCI 3341: Marriage and Family Life Examines the structure, function, and major changes in the family as a basic social institution. Emphasis on the family in the United States.

SOCI 3345: Medical Sociology Studies health practices and practitioners and their relation to patients, health problems, and society.

SOCI 3370: Sociological Theory Studies the development of sociological theory with emphasis on contemporary ideas and trends. Required of all sociology majors and students seeking a teaching specialization in sociology.

SOCI 3380: Population Problems Examines world population trends, with emphasis on the contemporary United States. Focus is on social and economic problems resulting from population growth and imbalances as well as on solutions to these problems.

SOCI 3396: Social Research Methods Designed to provide the student with the opportunity to become familiar with statistical concepts, research design, and techniques of research as applied to research problems of current interest in sociology.

SOCI 4305: Juvenile Delinquency (Same as CRIJ 4305) Analysis of the extent, distribution, and varieties of juvenile delinquency. Emphasis on using sociological theories and research to examine delinquency causation and prevention.

SOCI 4307: Urban Sociology Deals with problems of urban society, approaches to urban planning and contemporary problems, economic and physical concerns, and the social impact of urban life on institutions.

SOCI 4308: The American Community Study of the development and structure of the American community with emphasis on the community as a complex of human relations through which a population meets its needs.

SOCI 4311: Majority-Minority Relations Examines the policies and practices of dominant social groups and the responses of racial and ethnic minorities. Focus is upon the United States. Recommended: SOCI 3315 or SOCI 3321.