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It is important to meet with an advisor when preparing for any program, but with the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree it is essential since each student's situation is unique.

The BAAS advisor knows the ins and outs of the degree requirements and can help determine what credits can be applied and transferred in for credit.

Kristie Allen

Call, email or live chat with the BAAS advisor to finish what you started!

State Authorization

For UT Tyler to offer (online or correspondence) courses in a state other than Texas, UT Tyler must comply with that state's requirements. These requirements differ from state to state. The University of Texas System on behalf of The University of Texas at Tyler has made a "good faith effort" in pursuing state authorization from all 54 states and territories within the U.S. A State Authorization Map has been created to showcase what states have been approved so far. If your state is not listed as approved, please check back soon, we are always adding states.

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