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Dual Credit - PACE Program


PACE Current Student Responsibilities

  • Check personal email and mail frequently for important UT Tyler information
  • Remember UT Tyler Student ID Number upon receipt (after admitted, students will receive this number via mail and email)
  • Activate Patriot Email Account and myUTTyler account
  • Complete all PACE forms correctly, and review your form before submission to confirm that you have completed all required fields
  • Ask for help if you are struggling—UT Tyler can provide tutoring services to assist you in certain courses
  • Remember drop/withdrawal dates and notify teacher and guidance counselor immediately if you wish to drop
  • Consider the impact of a dual credit course: it will be on college transcript and will follow you wherever you attend college

Accessing your Grades in myUTTyler:

  1. Log into myUTTYler using the username and password you created through Patriot Account Activation.
  2. Once you are logged in, select the "Student Home Page" tab, and then click "Student Center" on the right side of the screen.
  3. Once you are in your Student Center, click the drop down menu under "Academics" and select "Grades".
  4. Select the term for which you wish to view grades.

How to Drop a Course:

  • Please check with your guidance counselor regarding specific drop/withdraw deadlines for UT Tyler each semester.
  • Drop-Student no longer wishes to be enrolled in the course, and completes Drop Form paperwork PRIOR TO Census Date (the 12th day after the start of the semester). This will result in the student receiving a full refund (if they paid tuition) and the course will not appear on the student's college transcript.
  • Withdraw-Student no longer wishes to be enrolled in the course and completes Drop Form paperwork AFTER Census Date. The student may or may not receive a refund depending on the date of the drop, and the course will appear on the student's college transcript with a grade of "Q". (Please note: dual credit courses are NOT counted in the Texas six-drop rule for undergraduate students) In order to drop or withdraw from a course, please visit your guidance counselor and indicate which course you wish to drop. You will need to complete a Registration Form with your information and UT Tyler ID Number, the course information, and check the box labeled "Changes to Original Registration". You will circle "Drop Course" and then sign and date the form. Return the form to your guidance counselor for submission or scan/email to pace@uttyler.edu.


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