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UT Tyler University Staff Advisory Council

USAC Representatives

District Representative Term Ends Alternate Term Ends
1.) College of Arts & Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Sonya Meinert         (Social Sciences)


 Misty Butler (Political Science)

2.) College of Education & Psychology Cindy Sprayberry   (School of Education) 8/31/17  Taylor Young (Ingenuity Center)  8/31/17
3.) College of Business & Technology, College of Engineering Katrina Smith     (Electrical Engineering) 8/31/16 Lisa Wyatt   (Business Affairs, at large alt) 8/31/16
4.) College of Nursing & Health Sciences Tammie Cooper   (Nursing) 8/31/16  Raejean Griffin (Nursing) 8/31/17
5.) Physical Plant & Mail Services  Kevin Karaki (Mail Services)  8/31/17  Jessica Brown (Business-at large alt)  8/31/17
6.) Environmental Health & Safety, University Police Tiffany Ayala         (University Police) 8/31/17  Richard Moore (Campus Police)  8/31/17
7.) Financial Services, Human Resources, Student Business Services Brista Kent           (Student Business Services) 8/31/17 Michelle Salinas (Student Business Services) 8/31/16
8.) Information Technology, Campus Computing Matthew Izard           (Campus Computing) 8/31/15 Chad Kurtz         (Campus Computing) 8/31/15

9.) Student Services, Athletics, Patriot Center, Copy Center, Residence Life

Ryan Lilly             (Student Services)  8/31/17  Andrew Cage (Athletics)  8/31/17 
10.) Career Services, Student Life & Leadership, VPSA, Registrar's Office, Financial Aid Jessi Reel (Student Life & Leadership) 8/31/17 Hannah Buchanan (Marketing and Comm) 8/31/17
11.) Enrollment Management, Marketing & Communications Ebony Cruise-Brown (Admissions) 8/31/17 Lindsay Waldron (Admissions) 8/31/17
12.) Library, Educational Technology Melissa Hill     (Educational Technology) 8/31/16 Jana Brown (Instructional Design) 8/31/16
13.) VPAA, Graduate Studies, Sponsored Research, University Advancement, Academic Success Tonya Gaddis     (Academic Success) 8/31/16 Beth Bruce     (Academic Affairs) 8/31/16
14.) President's Office, VPBA, Compliance, Institutional Research, Audit, Cowan Center Jerry Massey       (Business Affairs) 8/31/17 Alex Werner (Assessment) 8/31/17 
15.) Longview, Palestine, Houston Kathy Finley (Nursing/Palestine) 8/31/15 Christy Lewis (Longview University Center) 8/31/15