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UT Tyler Star Award

What's that all about?
The award is designed to recognize staff members whose service and support to students, faculty and the university community goes beyond the ordinary. All recipients receive a framed certificate; full time employees receive one day of administrative leave to be used in a year with supervisor approval while part time employees receive half a day of administrative leave to be used in a year with supervisor approval.

Who is eligible to receive the award?
Any UT Tyler employee, other than faculty, directors, and administrators who have worked at the University for at least 6 months and are cleared by Human Resources.

Who may nominate someone for the award?
Anyone involved with UT Tyler. This includes all faculty, administrative employees, and other staff members. In addition, we also want to hear from students, parents, or others who have an occasion to experience great service from one of our staff.

How may I make a nomination?
Just tell us whom you would like to nominate and what they have done that leads you to make the nomination by emailing a nomination to utstar@uttyler.edu.

Who selects the UT Star?
A rotating committee formed from the elected Staff Advisory Council reviews all nominations received. The committee examines the contents of nominations looking for evidence of a great attitude and excellent service to students, faculty and others across campus.

What if I nominated someone a few months ago and they were not selected?
Nominations are not held for future review so if your nominee did not receive the award please send in an additional nomination describing why they are deserving. Selection is based on the quality of the nominations not the quantity of nominations for a candidate so please be descriptive and e-mail often!

What if I still have questions?
Send your questions to the committee at utstar@uttyler.edu!

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