Godey's Lady's Book
Volume 55, July-December 1857

A Bouquet of Roses [fiction]                                                                             341  
A Fragment, by S. A. Andrews                                                                         251  
A Health to Fleur de Lis, by Helen Hamilton [poem]                                          62  
A Homily upon Children, by W. S. Gaffney                                                      154  
Alcyone, by Elizabeth W. Brown [poem]                                                         254  
A Little Flower, by W. S. Gaffney [poem]                                                        252  
Alphabet of Fancy Letters (Illustrated) [stars and stripe capitals]                      396  
Amicitia, by Hiawatha [poem]                                                                         157  
A Mother's Trials                                                                                                21  
A Mother's Wages, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                     37  
A Mule Ride in Madeira: or, What Befell Mark Summers, Second
            Engineer, U.S.N., by Metta Victoria Victor                                         493  

A Netted Tidy, with Figures to be Darned In                                                     390  
Aquariums, No. 2 (Illustrated)                                                                           45  
A Rainy Day with my Friend Muggins, by A. E. Stewart [fiction]                         54  
A Scene of Retribution                                                                                      503  
A Sensible Preacher                                                                                         233  
A Swiss Cottage (Illustrated) [with designs]                                                       65  
A Symmetrical Farm-House of Stone and Rough-Cast (Illustrated) [with  

            plans]                                                                                                   257  

Attend to your Sight                                                                                            15  
At Twilight, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                                             350  
Aunt Hetty's Challenge, by R. D. H. [fiction]                                                      241  
Aunt Sophie's Visits, by Lucy N. Godfrey [fiction]  

            No. 1                                                                                                   433  
            No. II                                                                                                   519  

Aunt Tabitha's Fireside, by Edith Woodley [fiction]        

            No. XIV—The Way Kate Pierson Rid Herself of a Troublesome
Beau   22 
No. XV—Patty Marlowe's Party                                                          332  
Away, by Guy Humboldt [poem]                                                                     158  
Baby's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                                 198  
Baby's Shoe in Knitting (Illustrated)                                                                 457  
Basques (Illustrated)                                                                                   67, 161, 163, 172, 260  
Bead Candlestick Ornament (Illustrated)                                                         360  
Beaded Mat (Illustrated)                                                                                 268  
Bed Furniture Fringe (Illustrated)                                                                     492, 546  
Blotting, or Note-Book in Fretwork Application (Illustrated)                                4  
Bonnets (Illustrated)                                                                   197, 261, 287, 384, 451, 541, 542  
Boudoir Work-basket (Illustrated)                                                                  484, 545  
Box Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                             356  
Bracelet (Illustrated)    [crochet]                                                                        70  
Braiding Pattern for top of a Pincushion (Illustrated)                                         299  
Broderie Anglaise (Illustrated)                                                                             9, 267, 486  
Cambric Morning-Dress (Illustrated)                                                               193, 287  
Caps (Illustrated)                                                            162, 200, 260, 355, 452, 490, 491, 542  
Capes (Illustrated)                                                                                          67, 451, 542  
Carolina Backwoods Sketches.  No. VI.  Sally Camp, by Mrs. M. S. 
Centre-Table Gossip, containing-- 
A Fable for the Times                                                                           567 
Books for Travelling or Country Reading                                                 94 
Dining Out [dinner parties]                                                                     476 
Embroideries in the First State of Manufacture                                       190 
Fashion Items Gathered From Various Sources [cloaks, shawls, 
                jackets, cameos, hair bracelet, velvet trimmings]                                189 
Hints to Boarders—Revised from "Hints to Lodgers"                             381 
Home Ornament                                                                                   382 
Hope Deferred                                                                                     568 
How a Penny Became a Thousand Pounds                                            568 
Nursling Vespers, by Rev. J. E. Rankin [poem]                                      94 
Paris Gossip                                                                                         285, 381, 476 
Sea-Side Botany                                                                                  189 
Sisters-in-law                                                                                         93, 286 
Sunday Evenings at Home                                                                     285  

            To Correspondents
                Letters of Recommendation for Servants; Prices of Ribbons and 
                    Feathers; Preserving Fruit at Home with Self-Sealing Cans              94 
Crafts with Seaweed; The Gentlewoman; Second Mourning Silks; 
                    Do Not Marry a Fool; Gathering Young Evergreen Plants; 
                    Needle-Work Trimming on Under-Clothes; How to Treat 
                    Scratches                                                                                     190
               Problems with Annual Plants; Genuine Love; Simple Bridal Attire; 
                    Trials of Party-Giving                                                                    286 
Inscribed Rings; Home Evening Entertainment; Definition of French 
                    fashion terms; Piano Recommendation                                           382 
Fringe; Coffee with Dessert; Nuts; To Remove Grease from the 
                    Collar of a Coat; Recommends Skeleton (Hoops); Bird Training 
                    Applied to Children; Preventing Hands from Getting Chafed; 
                    Most Popular Slipper Designs                                                        477 
Keeping Household Accounts; Summary of the Duties of a Mistress 
                    of a Family; Pique; Tree Peonies; Aquariums for Children with 
                    Study of Insect Life; Cleaning Plaster Busts                                    569 
Working Together, by Charles D. Ryden [poem]                                  568  
Chair-Cover in Darned Netting (Illustrated)                                                         5  
Chemisettes (Illustrated)                                                                                  289  
Chemistry for the Young                

            Lesson VI (Continued)                                                                         273  
            Lesson VII—Remarks on Glass Bending, Cork Boring, and other  

                Manipulative Arts, Necessary for the Young Chemist to be 
                Familiar With                                                                                    368  

            Lesson VII (Concluded)                                                                       465  
            Lesson VIII.  Process of Distilling a Gaseous Preparation, viz., 
             Sulphuretted Hydrogen, and the Condensation of This Gas in Water  556  

Children's Dresses (Illustrated)                                                                        354  
Child's Cap                                                                                                      490  
Child's Collar and Cuff (Illustrated)                                                                  489  
Cigar-Case (Illustrated)                                                                                   196  
Cloak, or Mantilla (Illustrated)                                                             293, 383 
The Andalusian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                            359 
The Arragon, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                262 
The Asturian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                453 
The Castilian, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                101 
The Eureka, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                    72 
The Leonese, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                454 
The Saragossa, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                             358 
The Victoria, from Brodie (Illustrated)                                                 552  
Collars (Illustrated)                                                                                     75, 106, 202, 294, 388  
Confluence of Souls Congenial, by J. M. L. [poem]                                           446  
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs (Illustrated)                                            76, 167, 357, 392, 461  
Crochet Boots for an Infant (Illustrated)                                                           363  
Crochet Lace (Illustrated)                                                                                298  
Crochet Pincushion (Illustrated)                                                                       299  
Crown of Cap (Illustrated)                                                                              200  
Design for the Cape of a Child's Coat (Illustrated)                                           104  
Design for a Sofa Cushion or Tidy (Illustrated)                                                 355  
Design for a Sofa Cushion in the Style of Louis XV, in Berlin Wool-Work  

Diagram for Lady's Ball Dress (Illustrated)                                                       544  
Diagram of Lady's Basque (Illustrated)                                                            172  
Diagram of Sun-Bonnet (Illustrated)                                                                269  
D'Oyley, in Flanders Guipure (Illustrated)                                                        164  
Drawing-Room Elbow Cushion (Illustrated)                                                     548, 549  
Editors' Table, containing-- 
About Children [dressing warmly]                                                           83 
A Broken Heart                                                                                    371 
A Colloquy with our Fairest Readers                                                     557 
Action                                                                                                  469 
A "Font" of Type                                                                                  468 
A Garland for Thee, by Ucaleo [poem]                                                  84 
Amusements                                                                                         371 
Art of Amusing Children                                                                       369 
A Select Audience [Plato]                                                                    179 
A Sketch from Life [Norman Williams Bridge]                                      178 
Caution to Critics                                                                                    83 
Charlotte Bronte                                                                                   274 
Christmas Hymn [poem]                                                                       558 
Courtesy in Conversation                                                                      179 
Curious Orthography [Wales]                                                               179 
Effect of Marriage on Character                                                            558 
Egotism                                                                                                469 
Fashions of the Hooped Skirts                                                              371 
Flounces                                                                                               372 
Grammatical Errors                                                                               177  

            Health is in Our Borders                                                                        469  
            Hospitals for the Insane                                                                         180  
            How a Philosopher made Love                                                                84  
            Lady Franklin                                                                                          83  
            Lady Franklin's Arctic Expedition                                                          560  
            Lady Orators; or, the Oratress in Mourning                                           372  
            Lines, by Mrs. Margaret B. Cutting [poem]                                        560  
            Literary Philanthropy                                                                             277  
            Man's Love                                                                                          372  
            Medical Education of Women                                                               558  
            Mushroom Aristocracy                                                                         275  
            "Nature's Chapel" by Norman Williams Bridge [poem]                        178  
            Naval Honors to Captain Herndon                                                        559  
            New England Medical College for Ladies                                              468  
            On the Premature Death of Dr. Kane, by Cecilia Ferguson [poem]        83  
            Pearls                                                                                                   179  
            Phonography, what it is, and what it does [shorthand]                            179  
            Places of Education for Young Women  
        The Albany Female Academy; The Beverly Institute                            83  
                Graefenburg Water Cure School                                                       179  

            "Save the Women and Children"                                                           559  
            Schools in California                                                                               83  
            Sonnet [poem]                                                                                      277  
            Thanksgiving, by Lillian [poem]                                                            372  
            Thanksgiving Day                                                                                  371  
            The Art of Amusing Children                                                                 369  
            The Good Man's Example [poem]                                                         372  
            The Herndon Memorial                                                                         559  
            The Ladies' Mount Vernon Association                                                   81, 180, 278, 370  
            The National Thanksgiving                                                                    466  
            The Value of a Good Wife                                                                    466  
            The Water Cure                                                                                   180  
            To Jennie [poem]                                                                                  373  
            What has to be Learned [vocabulary]                                                      83  
            What Women are Doing—The Nursery and Child's Hospital
of New 
                York; Hospital for Women and Children esta
blished by Drs.
                Elizabeth Blackwell, Drs. Maria Zakrzewska, and Drs. Emily 
                Blackwell; The Woman's Prison; Discipline Society and Home          276  

Embossed Glass (Illustrated)                                                                           240  
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated)                        8, 66, 69, 70, 163, 167, 171, 172, 202,
        261, 264, 268, 292, 296, 297, 298, 300, 352, 353, 356, 362, 364, 385, 388, 393, 394, 450,
        459, 460, 488, 490, 543, 544, 549  
Embroidery for Handkerchief Border                                                                296  
Embroidery Pattern on the Robe of the Prince Imperial of France
(Illustrated)  268  
Enigmas                                                                                              64, 160, 256, 351, 448, 540 
Evening Thoughts, by Allan Mac [poem]                                                          157  
Every-day Phenomena                                                                                      312  
False Pride, by Georgiana H. S. Hull [fiction]                                                  113  
Family Unity                                                                                                     524  
            Juvenile Clothing; Morning Dress; Travelling Costume                             95  
            Riding-Habit; Evening Dress; Promenade Dress; Child's Dress; 
                Walking-Dress; Peignoirs; Clothes for a Watering Place; Dinner 
                Dress; Evening Dress for Young Ladies Just Coming Out; Ball 
                Wreaths                                                                                           191  
            Carriage Dress; Dinner Dress; Home-Dress; Lingerie; Cambric 
                Morning Dress; Hats; A Volante vs. En  Tablier Style of Skirt; 
                Basques vs. Rounded Point Corsages; Wedding Dress; 
                Headdresses                                                                                     287  
            Bridal Dress Transformed into a Party Dress; Evening Dress; Child's 
                Dress; Cloak or Mantle; Suitable Colors; Bonnets; Juvenile Clothing  383
et Dress; Dress for Just Past Mourning; Walking Dress; Carriage 
                Dress; Lingerie; Carriage Wraps; Robes a Quille, Robes a 
                Disposition; Dress Trimming                                                              477  
            Evening Dresses; Evening Coiffures; Flowers to Trim Ball Dresses; 
                Earrings; Cashmere; Cloaks; Furs; Velvet Bonnets; Warning Against 
                Extreme Styles                                                                                 569  

Female Society, by John Randolph                                                                  137  
Flouncing for a Skirt (Illustrated)                                                                     171  
Flouncing for Sleeves (Illustrated)                                                                    171  
Fruits in Summer                                                                                                 42  
Fuchsia Pattern for Child's Cloak (Illustrated)                                                  297  
Full Instructions in Needle-Work of all kinds (Illustrated)    
Raised Berlin work, to iron Berlin work, tapestry, cloth work,  
                braiding, application or applique work                                               170 
Embroidery on Muslin—Broderie Anglaise, to raise work, satin stitch, 
                guipure, Swiss lace; Fancy stitches—point d'Echelle, hem-stitch, 
                mourning hem-stitch                                                                         265 
Tambour work; Berlin work—types of canvas; wools to use                 361 
Cottons for needlework, silk braids, cotton braids                                 551  
Geraldine, by Metta Victoria Victor [poem]                                                      61  
Gift-Making, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                              421  
Glass and its Phenomena                                                                                   408  
Godey's Arm-Chair                            
            Jokes; Preparations for the Marriage of the Sultan's Daughter; A Low 
                Voice in Woman; Perils of Inheritance; Choosing Paper-Hangings; 
                What is a Letter [poem]; Dress Poorly When You Go to Market; 
                The Great Tobacco Controversy; Dresses Worn at the Late 
                Drawing-Room of the Queen of England; Monthly List of New 
                Music; No Change in Length of Waists; Definition of Crinoline             87 
Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, Miss S. J. Hale, Principal; 
                Humorous Description of One's Own Wedding; Receipt for 
                Sourcrout; Mrs. Sarah Josepha Hale; Jokes; Poem about Godey's; 
                Mrs. Hale's Cook-Book; A Picture of Editorial Life; Fashionable 
                Bonnets (song, to the air "Blue Bonnets"); A Little Paris Gossip; 
                Camphor vs. Strychnine                                                                      183 
Newspaper Office in Leavenworth Kansas; Sun-Bonnet; A Grammatical 
                Play upon the Word "That"; Dresses Worn at the late Carnival Balls in 
                Paris; Jokes; To Annie B. [poem]                                                         280 
Deal Gently With the Little Ones [poem]; The Expense of Royalty; 
                Newspaper Bustles; Jokes; African-American Use of Mohair Braids 
                for Hair; Princess Royal's Wedding Dress and the Lace-Makers; 
                Comic Verse on Hoops; Church Bells, by E. H. N. Patterson [poem]; 
                Disinfectants; Dread Precocity in a Child; Proverbs Refined; 
                Mischievous Children Make Old Men; Poem to Godey's; Dresses 
                Worn at the Late "Reception"                                                            375 
Manners Made Easy                                                                             472 
Jokes; Note from New Port, FL; Godey's Office; "To an Old 
                Newspaper and the Press" [poem]                                                    563  
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing (Illustrated)    
            Lesson XXXI.  Perspective Drawing (Continued)                                 129  
            Lesson XXXII.  Perspective Drawing (Concluded)                               320  

Good Humor                                                                                                      36  
Gone Down at Sea, by George R. Calvert [poem]                                           538  
Grandfather's Watch, by Virginia de Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                     43  
Guipure Sleeve Design (Illustrated)                                                                  298  
Half of Embroidered Collar (Illustrated)                                                           106, 202  
Handkerchief Border (Illustrated)                                                                    292  
Headdresses (Illustrated)                                                                                   67  
Heel and Toe, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                             292  
Hints on Bathing                                                                                                 60  
How Effie Hamilton Spent Christmas, by Virginia de Forrest [fiction]               534  
How to Cut and Contrive Children's Clothes (Illustrated)  

            The walking-dress, worked muslin collars, dress-frock for a
little girl, 
                the sash, dress-frock for a little boy, materials for boy's dresses, 
                winter dress for boys, out-door
dress, coats                                        73 
Materials for little girls' dresses, jackets and mantles, pinafores, aprons, 
                tuckers, lace or muslin berthe, embroidery, making clothes with a 
                view to future growth, altering the mother's dress for children             169 
Trimmings for children's drawers—tatting, a useful edging, crochet, tape 
                work, very pretty comforter                                                              266  
How to Dress with Taste:  The Dress of Ladies, The Dress of Children              213  
How to Fall Asleep                                                                                           420  
How to Teach the Alphabet                                                                              335  
I have been among the Fairies, by Charles Morris  [poem]                               348  
Infant's Apron (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                        364  
Infant's Shoe (Illustrated)                                                                                 394  
Initials (Illustrated)                                                                                           203, 452  
Isabella Stewart, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                                   147  
Italian Villa (Illustrated) [with plans]                                                                 449  
Katrina, by J. H. McNaughton [poem]                                                             446  
Kindness                                                                                                          146  
Knitted Gaiter (Illustrated)                                                                               457  
La Esmeralda (Illustrated) [hat, basque, undersleeves, skirt, parasol]                  97, 191  
Lady's Ball Dress (Illustrated) [with diagram]                                                   543  
Lady's Jacket (Illustrated)                                                                               385  

            [with diagram]                                                                                      450, 456  

Letter from a Lady of a "Certain Age" [advice on complexion and hair
care]        52  
Let's Never Give Way, by Whiston White [poem]                                            350  
Lines, by Harriet [poem]                                                                                  255  
Lines sent to Mrs. J. M. C., with an Aeolian Harp, by C. G. B*** [poem]        160  
Lines to a New-born Babe, by Margaret J. C. [poem]                                     445  
Literary Notices        
            The Olive Branch, or White Oak Farm; Count of Monte-Christo; 
                Things Not Generally Known:  A Popular and-Book of Facts Not 
                Readily Accessible in Literature, History, and Science; America and 
                Europe; The Life of Charlotte Bronte; Illustrated School History of  
                the United States; Hansford:  A Tale of Bacon's Rebellion; Life 
                Pictures:  From a Pastor's Note-Book; Gracie Amber; Scandal; 
                Maryatt's Works:  Peter Simple and Jacob Faithful; Random 
                Sketches, or What I Saw in Europe; Edgar Huntly, or Memoirs of a 
                Sleep-Walker; The Norse-Folk, or A Visit to the Homes of Norway 
                and  Sweden; Life Scenes from Mission Fields; The Exhibition 
                Speaker                                                                                            85 
Dombey and Son; The Watchman; The Life and Beauties of Fanny 
                Fern; Little Dorrit; Adam Graeme of Mossgray; Poems by William 
                Cullen Bryant; Dynevor Terrace, or The Clue of Life; The Heiress 
                of Greenhurst:  An Autobiography; Waverly Novels:  Fireside 
                Edition; Waverly Anecdotes; The Mechanic's Bride, or The 
                Autobiography of Elwood Gordon; Jane Talbot; Explorations and 
                Adventures in Honduras; Common Sense Applied to Religion; 
                Random Sketches and Notes of European Travel in 1856; The 
                Satires of Juvenal and Perseus; The Student's Gibbon; Life of Mary 
                Queen of Scots; Eros and Anteros, or The Bachelor's Ward; 
                Maryat's Works                                                                               181 
A Manual of Ancient Geography; Slavery Ordained by God; Chief of 
                the Pilgrims; A Biographical Dictionary; The Steward:  A Romance 
                of Real Life; Appleton's Illustrated Handbook of American Travel; 
                Festus:  A Poem; The Works of Marryat; The Olynthiac and Other 
                Public Orations of Demosthenes; The Romany Rye; Tent Life in the 
                Holy Land; Leonora D'Orco:  A Novel; The Professor:  A Tale; 
                Virginia Illustrated:  Containing a Visit to the Virginian Canaan, and 
                the Adventures of Porte Crayon and His Cousins; Marriage As It Is 
                And As It Should Be; Fashionable Amusements; The Diary of an 
                Annuyee; School Days at Rugby                                                       278 
Govern Geary's Administration in Kansas; Ormond, or The Secret 
                Witness; Married or Single?; The Athelings, or The Three Gifts; A 
                History of Rome, From the Earliest Time to the Establishment of the 
                Empire; The Rose of Ashurst; The Northwest Coast, or Three 
                Year's Residence in Washington Territory; The War Trail, or The 
                Hunt of the Wild Horse; Mormonism, Its Leaders and Designs; 
                Sketch of the Life and Ministry of the Reverend C. H. Spurgeon; 
                Lectures on Temperance; The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf 
                Whittier; Memoirs of the Loves of the Poets; White Lies:  A Novel     373 
The Divine Life; Evenings with Jesus; Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the 
                Millions; Sam Slick:  The Clockmaker; Consuelo; The Countess of 
                Rudolstadt:  A Sequel to Consuelo; Con Cregan:  The Irish Gil Blas; 
                The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Harry Racket Scapegrace; Corinne, 
                or Italy; Elements of Logic; Incidents on Land and Water, or Four 
                Years on the Pacific Coast; A Romance of the Fashionable World; 
                Nothing to Do:  A Tilt at Our Best Society; The Poetical Works of
                Leigh Hunt; Poems by Rosa Vertner Johnson; White Lies:  A Novel; 
                Fresh Leaves by Fanny Fern; The Legal Adviser; Travels and 
                Discoveries in North and Central America; Moss-Side; Floral 
                Home, or First Years of Minnesota; Fleurs D'Amerique:  Poisies 
                Nouvelles                                                                                          470 
The Life of John Fitch, the Inventor of the Steamboat; Modern Reform 
                Examined; Quits:  A Novel; Braman's Information about Texas; 
                Martin Chuzzlewit; The History of the Inquisition of Spain; Sylvester 
                Sound, the Somnambulist; The Sisters, or The Fatal Marriage; The 
                Adventures of Paul Periwinkle; The Adventures of Ben Brace; 
                Barnaby Rudge; The Biographical History of Philosophy from its 
                Origin in Greece Down to the Present Day; Biographical and 
                Historical Sketches; Punch's Pocket-Book of Fun; The Hand-Book 
                of Household Science; Lectures on the History of Ancient Philosophy; 
                The History of King Philip, Sovereign Chief of the Wampanoags; 
                Guy Livingstone, or Thorough; The Souvenirs of Travel; Kiana: 
                Tradition of Hawaii; Lights in Boston and Suburbs, or Guide to the 
                Stranger; Sermons of the Reverend C. H. Spurgeon, of London        560  
Marriage                                                                                                          223  
Mat--In Berlin Work (Illustrated)                                                                    393, 450  
Match-Making, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                         234  
May and I, by Willie E. Pabor [poem]                                                             159  
Memories, by Hugh N. Moore [poem]                                                             349  
Midnight, by Maria E. Bisbee [poem]                                                               539  
Modeling in Glass (Illustrated) [oblong glass box]                                            168  
Morning Dress, Suited to a Watering-Place Breakfast-Table (Illustrated)             1, 95  
Mrs. Daffodil at an Evening Party, by Virginia De Forrest [fiction]                   403  
            Trio Juncto in Uno!"—Up in the Morning Early, by F. Nicholls 
(Ballads of the Olden Time No. 7)                                           2 
"Trio Juncto in Uno!"—Trim Built Wherry!, by F. Nicholls
                (Ballads of the Olden Time No. 8)                                                      98 

"Trio Juncto in Uno!"—Jock O' Hazeldean," by F. Nicholls
                (Ballads of the Olden Time, No. 9)                                                   194  
            "Music" [poem], by Hattie Heath                                                         254  
            "Trio Juncto in Uno!"—Banks of Allanwater, by F. Nicholls
                (Ballads of the Olden Time No. 10)                                                   290  
            "Trio Juncto in Uno!"—Jenny Jones, by F. Nicholls Crouch, (Ballads 
                of the Olden Time No. 11)                                                                386  
            The Rainy Day, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow                               482  

My Own Sweet Home, by Lillian [poem]                                                         539  
Names for Marking (Illustrated)           

            Gabrielle                                                                                                   9  
            Charlotte, Caroline                                                                               297  
            Maria                                                                                                   357  
            Mary                                                                                                    392  
            Lucie                                                                                                    485  

New Style of Bonnets (Illustrated) [actually, broad brimmed hats with lace 

            falls]                                                                                                    197, 287  

New Style of Collars and Cuffs (Illustrated)                                                       75  
Novelties for the Month (Illustrated)                             

            Loose basque, headdresses, ribbon bretelle, cape or pelerine, fichu 

                of lace                                                                                                 67 
Basque, collar, habit shirt, morning cap, dinner cap, invalid's cap, 
                undersleeves                                                                                      161 
Basque for morning dress, breakfast-cap, habit-shirt and collar, 
                undersleeve, bonnets, fall hats [bonnets] for young ladies not yet out 
                of school                                                                                           260 
Child's party dress, walking-dress, walking-dress for boy five years old, 
                cap bonnet, cap for street, carriage caps                                            354 
Muslin cape or fichu, bonnet for young girl, bonnet for second mourning, 
                set of lace collar and undersleeves, breakfast caps                              451 
Outfits for elder sister, younger brother and sister, uncut velvet bonnets, 
                invalid's or breakfast caps, fichu of black lace                                    541  
Oak Leaf and Acorn Pattern (Illustrated)                                                         300  
Obedience, How Taught to Children [fiction]                                                     344  
Ocean Depths, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                                 63  
Old Shoes                                                                                                        151  
Only a Pebble                                                                                                   444  
Our Brother Sleeps, by D. Hardy, Jr. [poem]                                                   446  
"Our Father," by Winnie [poem]                                                                       130  
Our Native Land, by Mrs. Jane Maria Mead [poem]                                       539  
Over-Glove (Illustrated)                                                                                  550  
Over-Jacket, or Morning Jacket (Illustrated) [with jacket]                               352, 353  
Palm Pattern for a Crochet Purse (Illustrated) [paisley]                                    166  
Parent and Child                                                                                               112  
Patchwork (Illustrated)                                                                    71, 105, 259, 298, 389, 487  
Paternal Duty                                                                                                      47  
Pictures, by Charles Ernst Fahnestock [poem]                                               254  
Pincushion made with Pins or Beads (Illustrated) [May the Dew of Heaven 

            rest on The Morning Flower]                                                                102, 167  

Point Lace (Illustrated)                                                                                     74  
Point-Lace Cap, for an Infant (Illustrated)                                                        201  
Point of a Young Lady's Stomacher (Illustrated)                                              200  
Porte-monnaie Embroidered in Kid (Illustrated)                                               458  
Practical Instructions in Stay-Making (Illustrated) [with diagram]                      165  
Railway Stitch (Illustrated)                                                                               164  
Raphael.  Translated from the French by Anne T. Wilbur                                  409  
Receipts, &c.                      

            Preserving Receipts—to preserve rhubarb, to preserve straw
                to preserve strawberries whole, raspberry jam, gooseberry jam, red 
                or white currant jam, black currant jam, green currant jam, blackberry 
                jam, greengage jam, preserved greengages, to preserve greengages 
                whole, green apricots, to preserve apricots whole, to preserve  
                cucumbers, to preserve Siberian or American crabs, preserved 
                grapes in bunches, to preserve pine-apples, quinces preserved 
                whole, to preserve melon like ginger, to dry pears;Trussing and 
                Carving Poultry and Game—
duck, wild-fowl, pigeon, woodcock, 
                plover, and snipe, larks, wheat-ears, and all small birds, hare, rabbit;  
                Practical Hints on the Domestic Management of the Sick-Room—
                washing, visitation, diet, drink; Contributed Receipts—elder wine 
                flavored with hops, to imitate coral baskets, delicate cake, floating 
                island, sweet crab-apple pickles, excellent cookies, poor man's 
                pudding                                                                                                77 

Preserving receipts—peaches, Reybold's plan for preserving peaches, 
                grapes, blackberry wine, damsons, to preserve damsons and 
                winesours, apple marmalade, orange marmalade, quince marmalade, 
                foreign pine-apple marmalade, to dry cherries with sugar, to dry 
                gooseberries, strawberry, raspberry, red currant, or currant and 
                raspberry jelly, red or white currant jelly made by boiling, black currant 
                jelly, gooseberry jelly, raspberry jelly, plum jelly, blackberry jelly, 
                orange jelly, four-fruit jelly, apple jelly, syrup of lemons, syrup of 
                oranges, economical syrup of oranges or lemons, syrup of mulberries, 
                currants, strawberries or raspberries, apple, pear, or pine-apple syrup; 
                Practical Hints on the Domestic Management of the Sick-Room—
                leeches, cupping, blisters; Miscellaneous—charcoal in the sickroom, 
                to wash carpets, to sweep carpets, to repair broken glass, the best way 
                to clean paint, delicious saline draught, black currant ice-cream, to 
                make common sealing-wax, beautiful and permanent red ink; 
                Contributed Receipts—
treatment for cancer, treatment for putrid sore 
                throat and malignant scarlet fever, corn cake, silver cake, gold 
                cake, cure for headache, pickled cherries (sweet), sponge cake        173 
The Country Housewife—Home-made bread, by Mrs. Ann E. 

, sour milk bread, cream of tartar and soda bread, potato 
                yeast, brown bread, coarse flour bread; Practical Hints on the 
                Domestic Management of the Sick-Room—
liniments and 
                ointments, mustard plasters, lotions, poultices, bread poultice, 
                carrot poultice; Miscellaneous—
how to catch a cold, cup cake, 
                instantaneous beef-tea, how to cook haricot beans, a good sponge-
                cake, Indian corn flour, potato souffles, a new breakfast dish, 
                patent boots; The Toilet—odors for the handkerchief—Buckingham 
                Palace bouquet, Bouquet de Caroline, also called Bouquet des 
                D'lices, The Court Nosegay, Eau de Chypre; Contributed Receipts—
             to crystallize grass, to make transparent pudding, country pudding, 
                common cup-cake, sweet pickles, peach mangoes, preserving 
                cucumbers, a luncheon cake, to clear all kinds of sugar, cornmeal 
                pound cake                                                                                  270 
The Country Housewife, by Mrs. Ann E. Porter—cooking meat, 
                cooking a beef-steak, a healthy mode to cook a chicken, 
                economy in buying meat; How to Cook Lamb—chevaux-de-
                frise with lamb sweetbreads, blanquette d'agneau a la Provencale, 
                lamb chops, sweetbreads, sweetbreads fricaseed, to stew 
                sweetbreads Ris de Veau, sweetbread larded a la Daube; 
                Practical Hints on the Domestic Management of the Sick-Room—
                collyria or eye-waters, mixtures; Miscellaneous—singular 
                experiment, avoid oaks when in lightning, corn dodgers, great 
                improvement in soap, fruit in jelly, to cure hiccough; Contributed 
                Receipts—to dye ribbons, to dye yellow, to dye purple and lilac, 
                to dye black, to dye with cochineal, arrowroot blancmange            365  
How to Cook Lamb—heart and lamb sweetbread larded with bacon 
                or truffles, sweetbreads as cutlets, sweetbreads with truffles, roast 
                sweetbread, sweetbread cutlets crumbed au gratin, sweetbread 
                cutlets glazed, lamb's head and emincees, sheep or lambs' trotters; 
                How to Cook Poultry—roasting, to bone birds, turkey roast, roast 
                turkey, turkey boiled, turkey with sausage meat and tongue, turkey 
                poult; Practical Hints on the Domestic Management of the Sick-
                Room—bed sores, rest, in case of accident, calling the doctor; The 
                Toilet—odors for the handkerchief—Empress Eugenie's Nosegay, 
                Esterhazy Bouquet, Ess Bouquet; Miscellaneous—
bedrooms, to 
                make coffee, hint on the washing of colored cottons, gathering the 
                perfumes of plants, to give a fine color to mahogany, to gild ivory, 
                decoction of sarsaparilla, art of tea-making, preventive against 
                moths; Contributed Receipts—cure for ringworm or tetter, to wash 
                ribbons, to bleach yarn, infallible remedy for sore throats, Jefferson 
                pudding, white cup-cake                                                              462 
Christmas Receipts—mince-pies, twelfth cake [poem], Christmas 
                pudding [poem], to make buns [poem], Sally Lunn [poem], 
                mince-meat [poem], an excellent pickle for tongues, hams, etc. 
                poem]; How to Cook Poultry—turkey hashed, forced turkey or 
                fowl, forced turkey with a tongue, turkey legs broiled, turkey a la 
                Royale, turkey giblets a la Bourgeoise, to roast a goose, a green 
                goose, green goose, or young and old geese; Practical Hints on 
                the Domestic Management of the Sick-Room—fever or scarlatina; 
                Miscellaneous—bruises, stings, &c., thieves' vinegar, to prevent 
                moths attacking clothes, luncheon cakes, nice plum cake, 
                common seed cake, light wigs; Contributed Receipts—remedy 
                for a wen, remedy for whooping cough, minced pickles, superior 
                cologne, ink powder, old Windsor soap, to make five gallons of 
                good ink for twelve and one-half cents, genuine silvering fluid, 
                Rowland's Maccassar Oil, otto of roses, for frosted flesh                    553  
Reminiscences, by X. Y. Z. [poem]                                                                    159  
Reminiscences of Bonnets, by Florence Fashionhunter (Illustrated)  

            [1830's]                                                                                               144  
            [1830's]                                                                                               330  

Rich Border in Guipure for an Infant's Robe (Illustrated)                                  488, 545  
Rich Guipure Border (Illustrated)                                                                       8  
She! [fiction]                                                                                                     346  
Shepherd Life.--A Pastoral, by D. W. C. Roberts [poem]                                 348  
Silk Broderie (Illustrated)                                                                                388  
Slippers (Illustrated)                                                                                          10, 460, 461  
Sofa Cushion, Embroidered in Beads and Wool (Illustrated)                            100, 163  
Sofa Pillow in Fluted, or Ribbed Berlin Embroidery (Illustrated)                       492, 545  
Something for All                                                                                              345  
Song, by George Lewellyn Miner [poem]                                                          62  
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander                                   
            Pomona                                                                                                  61  
            Woman's Beauty                                                                                  158  
            Ruins of Rome                                                                                      255  
            Forsaken Temple                                                                                  351  
            Regret                                                                                                  447  
            Felicia Hemans                                                                                     540  

Spring, by Nina [poem]                                                                                      64  
Sun-Bonnet (Illustrated) [corded, with diagram]                                               264, 269  
Sunset Musings, by Mrs. E. J. Bugbee [poem]                                                  349  
The Art of Painting on Glass (Illustrated)                                                            11, 107  
The Artist in the Woods                                                                                    412  
The Birds of the Poets, by Maria Norris                                                             34, 122  
The Box of Blocks [children's toys]                                                                   156  
The Brook [fiction]                                                                                           440, 511  
The Country Housewife, by Mrs. A. E. Porter                                                  270, 365  
The Drunkard's Wife, by Clara Augusta [poem]                                              159  
The Elopement, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                                    337  
The Family Drawing-Master (Illustrated)                                              

            No. IV.  Angles                                                                                      25  
            No. V.  Lines and Angles                                                                      224  
            No. VI.  Triangles                                                                                 407  
            No. VII.  Triangles (Continued)                                                            517  

The Frugal Housewife:  A Chapter of Domestic Economy, by Alice
B. Neal
            [fiction]                                                                                                124  
The Garden of Gethsemane                                                                              324
The Governess, by Mrs. E. W. Cox (Illustrated) [fiction]                                 413  
The Gypsy's Warning, by Georgiana D. S.  [poem]                                          448  
The Heart's Triumph, by Julia A. Barber [poem]                                              447  
The Homestead, by J. L. [poem]                                                                      350  
The Lake of Visions, by Mary Starr [poem]                                                       62  
The Light of Other Days, by Ella F. Hewes [poem]                                          448  
The Lost Diamonds, by Mrs. C. Crowe [fiction]                                               131, 244  
The Lost Relatives, by Virginia F. Townsend [fiction]                                      306, 397  
The Manufacture of Silk, by C. T. Hinckley (Illustrated)                                  203, 301  
The Market Gardener, by Pauline Forsyth [fiction]                                          504  
The Miniature, by Wille Myrtle De Haven [poem]                                            347  
The Miracle, by Gerald Sidney [poem]                                                            256  
The Montespan Collar and Sleeve (Illustrated)                                                546  
The Oak-Leaf Slipper (Illustrated)                                                                    70  
The Old Lane, by J. Starr Halloway [poem]                                                    254  
The Pioneer's Daughter, by Clara P. Williston [fiction]                                       16  
The Return, by Alfred Burnett [poem]                                                              253  
There's Beauty Everywhere, by X. Y. Z. [poem]                                                  64  
The Sea-Shell, by H. Clay Preuss [poem]                                                        256  
The Servant Question, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                               325  
The Shadows We Cast, by T. S. Arthur                                                           142  
The Sisters, by Virginia De Forrest (Illustrated) [fiction]                                 322  
The Sleeping Child, by L. R. Goodman [poem]                                                351  
The Spirit-Land, by Rev. M. L. Hofford, A. M. [poem]                                    538  
The Still Heart, by Charlotte Barber [poem]                                                    158  
The Summer Rain [poem]                                                                                   63  
The Sunbeam, by F. W. Alexander [poem]                                                      348  
The Sunshine, by Hermione      [poem]                                                             253  
The Tallow Family in America [fiction]  

            [At Niagara Falls]                                                                                   27  
            [At Newport]                                                                                       138  
            [At Newport]                                                                                       220  

The Trials of Temper, by Ellen Liston [fiction]                                                  429  
The Wedding-Ring, by N. P. Charlot [poem]                                                   447  
The Winter of Life, by Mrs. P. A. Bascom [poem]                                            445  
"Thou art the Way, the Truth, and the Life" by Beatrice [poem]                         447  
Tidies (Illustrated)                                                                                       70, 390, 430, 481, 485  
To A. D. S., by Carrie [poem]                                                                         219  
To a Friend, by Frank Forest [poem]                                                              351  
To Alice, with a Bouquet, by Harry [poem]                                                      160  
To a Wild Lupine, by William James Lisle  [poem]                                          540  
To Mary, by J. W. Beazell [poem]                                                                    349  
To Jenny, by E. J. Dobell [poem]                                                                     255  
To Purify the Air of an Apartment                                                                     439  
Trials of an English Housekeeper [fiction]  

            No. XII.  Emma and Betsey                                                                   57  
            No. XIII.  My Page and My Footman                                                  316  
            No. XIV.  High Life Below Stairs                                                         531  

Trussing and Carving (Illustrated)                                                                      79  
Turquoise Doyley Pattern (Illustrated) [beads, crochet]                                    263  
Uncle George; or, The Family Mystery, by Wilkie Collins [fiction]                    225, 260  
Under Full Sail, by Alice B. Neal [fiction]                                                          525  
Undersleeves (Illustrated)                                                                                162, 260, 452  
Waiting for Dead Men's Shoes, by Jessie May [fiction]                                     209  
Walking and Talking                                                                                         432  
Watch, Wait, and Pray, by R. H. Willoughby [poem]                                        540  
What is the News?                                                                                           428  
Winter Musings, by M. A. Rice [poem]                                                             538  
Woman's Love, by Will Wallace [poem]                                                          445  
Woods in Autumn, by J. Starr Holloway [poem]                                              446  
Woollen Chemisette (Illustrated)                                                                      289, 362  
Young Lady's Stomacher (Illustrated)                                                              199