Future Research Projects

Some of these projects have been researched but never published, and therefore possibly lost.  Some have been handled briefly but not in depth.  Some have appeared only in the Tyler newspaper...at some point.  Some topics lend themselves to a brief article, while others might require months of work leading to a thesis.  Some may even be impossible due to lack of resources.  If you *do* complete an article related to Smith County history, please consider contacting the Smith County Historical Society at 125 South College Ave., Tyler, TX 75702-7216 (phone 903-592-5993), to donate a copy of your research to the Archives.  Good quality articles may be considered for publication in their annual Chronicles of Smith County, Texas.  The Local and Family History Room of Tyler Public Library, 201 S. College Ave., Tyler, TX 75702 (phone 903-531-1316) might also like a copy for their files.

Interviews with interesting, significant, or elderly residents of Smith County are always welcome, as are histories of organizations, schools, churches, and communities, even if they are not mentioned specifically below.

1.  History of liquor/prohibition including wet/dry elections in Smith County
2.  History of Tyler parks, actual and planned, particularly Bergfeld, Fun Forest and Woldert
3.  History of women’s suffrage in Tyler.  See Mrs. W. S. Herndon (charter member Texas Equal Rights Association), Elizabeth Herndon Potter (3rd Vice President of Texas Equal Suffrage Association and other offices), and Mrs. Cone Johnson (President, Smith County Equal Suffrage Society)
4.  Using early city directories, city plans, and maps, plot out neighborhood development in Tyler over time, including racial segregation
5.  History of highway loops in Tyler, going back at least to the city plan of 1931
6.  History of the North Palace African-American business district
7.  History of Tyler State College/Texas Eastern University/University of Texas at Tyler, including interviews
8.  Hispanic community of Tyler prior to 1980; after 1980; Cinco de Mayo celebrations
9.  History of black county agriculture agents, particularly G. W. Crouch
10.  History of the Favre Baldwin post, American Legion
11.  History of the Arp school district
12.  History of blue laws in Tyler
13.  History of county home demonstration agents and home demonstration clubs
14.  History of commercial blackberry production, particularly around Lindale; also canneries
15.  History of Juneteenth celebrations in Smith County
16.  History of Boy Scouts and/or Girl Scouts
17.  History of Confederate reunions 1886-1933; last Confederate veteran
18.  When and how were the rows of crepe myrtles planted along East Texas roads
19.  History of the East Texas Fair, in more depth
20.  History of the State Fish Hatchery in Smith County
21.  Biography of J. W. Fitzgerald, former county judge
22.  History of 4-H Clubs in Smith County
23.  History of country clubs, particularly Willow Brook and Greenbrier
24.  History of the community of Gresham
25.  History of the great influenza epidemic in Smith County, 1919
26.  History of the Kiwanis Club
27.  History of the Ku Klux Klan in Smith County
28.  What was the reaction in Smith County to the Longview, Texas, race riot of 1919
29.  History of Tyler State Park, from CCC days, through the dam breaking (September 12, 1963), to desegregation, to the burning of the old concession area
30.  The lynchings in Tyler of male slave, 1864; Henry Hilliard, October 25, 1895; William Jones, May 23, 1897; J. Hodges, May 1, 1909; Dan Davis, May 25, 1912
31.  Singing conventions in Smith County
32.  Smith County National Guard units
33.  History of the Tyler Police Department
34.  Presidential Election of 1928 (Hoover/Smith) in Smith County
35.  Presidential Election of 1960 (Kennedy/Nixon) in Smith County
36.  History of the Red Cross in Tyler
37.  History of the community of Red Springs
38.  History of the Rotary Club in Tyler
39.  History of the Troup Agricultural Experiment Station
40.  History of the Troup Free Fair
41.  History of Troup Independent School District
42.  History of the Tyler City Market
43.  History of the Tyler Sanitation Department
44.  History of charities in Tyler—United Charities, Community Chest, Federated Charities, United Way
45.  Story of the April, 1957, tornado
46.  Civil Works Administration projects in Smith County
47.  History of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Tyler
48.  History of radio in Tyler, particularly KGKB and KTBB
49.  History of the Lion’s Club in Tyler
50.  NRA (National Recovery Act) in Smith County
51.  NYA (National Youth Administration) in Smith County
52.  People’s National Bank Building, 1932
53.  Public Works Administration in Tyler
54.  Reconstruction Finance Corporation in Tyler
55.  How the Texas Centennial was celebrated in Tyler
56.  History of the Salvation Army in Tyler
57.  Smith County Relief Board during the Depression
58.  History of the Star of Hope Mission during the Depression
59.  History of the Tyler Business and Professional Women’s Club
60.  History of the Tyler Jaycees (Tyler Junior Chamber of Commerce)
61.  Tyler city plans—what were they, when were they, were they followed
62.  History of the Tyler Petroleum Club
63.  History of the YMCA in Tyler
64.  History of KLTV while it was still the only station in town
65.  History of Butler College
66.  History of Camp Tyler
67.  History of Emmet J. Scott High School
68.  Robert E. Lee goes from Rebels to Red Raiders, 1971/1972
69.  "Greshamgate", October 28, 1977--see Smith County Justice, if you can find a copy
70.  History of the Top Ladies of Distinction in Tyler
71.  History of the Tyler Organization of Men
72.  History of the African-American debutante presentation
73.  Early history of Muslims in Tyler
74.  History of cookbooks produced by Tyler organizations
75.  The Grange in Smith County
76.  History of unions in Tyler—pick one:  Communications Workers of America; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, IUE/CWA, OCAW, Sheet Metal Workers, United Steel Workers of America, United Transportation Union
77.  Civil Rights movement in Smith County during 50's, 60's, 70's--earlier if you can find it
78.  History of Tyler Civic Chorale
79.  History of Tyler Community Concerts
80.  Loyal Union League in Smith County during Reconstruction--we've got a list of members (or used to--it may be lost)--what can you find out about them?
81.  History of the Troup Banner
82.  History of the Tyler Journal
83.  History of the Junior League in Tyler
84.  Polio, from FDR fundraisers and the March of Dimes to the Saulk vaccine in Smith County
85.  Federal troops in Tyler during Reconstruction
86.  CME churches in Smith County
87.  LDS churches in Smith County
88.  St. Francis Episcopal Church
89.  Fifth Street Presbyterian Church
90.  Highland Park Presbyterian Church
91.  Mayfair Building, East Texas Fairgrounds
92.  History of Tyler Civic Theatre
93.  History of Arp, Texas
94.  History of Garden Valley, Texas
95.  History of Mount Sylvan, Texas
96.  History of New Harmony, Texas
97.  History of Owentown/East Texas Center
98.  History of the St. Louis Community
99.  History of supplying water to Tyler
100.  Smith County fords and ferries
101.  History of Broadway Square Mall
102.  History of Bergfeld Center
103.  History of Brookshire’s
104.  History of Tyler Pipe & Foundry
105.  History of GE/Trane
106.  History of the Oil Palace
107.  Gone With the Wind comes to Tyler, 1939 and 1968 (or any other major movie, such as Star Wars)
108.  History of Rose Stadium
109.  Track industry in Smith County through each Products of Industry census in 19th century
110.  History of Woodmen of the World in Tyler
111.  History of the Elks Lodge
112.  History of Tyler Commercial Club/Tyler Chamber of Commerce
113.  History of Veterans of Foreign Wars in Tyler
114.  History of Kelly-Springfield in Tyler
115.  History of the Utopia Club (black women's organization)
116.  History of Stewart Blood Bank
117.  The fight to cut Broadway through the courthouse square
118.  History of the League for Women Voters
119.  Desegregating Tyler schools, 1954-1972
120.  History of the Carleton Hotel building
121.  History of the Unitarian Fellowship in Tyler
122.  History of the NAACP in Tyler, including Texas v. NAACP (1956/1957), case heard by Judge Otis T. Dunagan in Tyler
123.  Hazing of high school boys in Tyler (cutting "T's")
124.  History of the City of Tyler Dog Pound/Humane Society of Smith County
125.  Robert Taylor, gold medal winner in 400 meters relay at Olympic Games, Munich, Germany
126.  History of Civil Defense in Tyler
127.  WPA mural
128.  Halloween customs in Tyler, at least back to the 1940s when there were booths on the square
129.  Teen Time and the Battle of the Bands, downtown at the American Legion Hall, 1960s
130.  Dragging Broadway and the Square--teenagers and cars in the 20th century, from at least the 1940s on
131.  Impact on Tyler of the Great Texas Banking Crash, 1982-1992
132.  Impact on Tyler of Delta Drilling Company's bankruptcy, 1988-1990
133.  The Internet comes to Tyler
134.  John Tyler High School burning down in the late 1970s
135.  End of the minstrel show in Tyler
136.  The opening of Robert E. Lee High School, the choice of the name and the choice of the symbolism
137.  Movies made in Smith County
138.  Women's clubs in Tyler through history--how have they changed
Electric power comes to Smith County
140.  Newspapers in Smith County--there's more than the Tyler Morning Telegraph
141.  Coca-Cola bottling
142.  Early grocery stores/markets
143.  Lake
area just beyond the Loop 323 and Van Highway intersection
144.  Neil-Simpson Drug Stores
145.  Local reactions to significant events:  Pearl Harbor, D Day invasion, VE Day, VJ Day, Franklin Roosevelt’s death, Kennedy assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination, explosion of Challenger
146.  Interview local WW2 veterans, Korean War veterans, Vietnam War veterans.  Did they enlist or were they drafted?  What was their feeling about going to war?  How were they received when they came home?
147.  Early cattle brands and ear crops