[MARSHALL] TEXAS REPUBLICAN, May 19, 1860, p. 2, c. 5


Lubin's genuine Extracts, Harrison's Extracts, Bell Cologne, German Cologne, together with a large variety of Toilet Soap, just received and for sale by                                   Bradfield & Talley.   

CHARLESTON MERCURY, August 27, 1860, p. 2, c. 6

Important to the Ladies!
Fresh Stock of
Lubin's Perfumeries!

And Choice Imported Toilet Articles, comprising
Highly Scented Soaps
Perfumery for the Handkerchief--every variety
Lavender Water, Cold Cream, Pomatums
Scented Hair Oils
Toilet Powder
Shaving Creams
Satchels, also
English and French Hair, Tooth, Nail, and Cloth Brushes of Ivory, Bone and Wood.
All of which having been purchased for Cash will be sold at reasonable prices by Van. Schaack & Grierson, Chemists and Druggists, and Importers of Perfumery, Toilet Articles, &c.

SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, December 27, 1860, p. 2, c. 5

New Mown Hay

                                                                                                                Lubin's Boquet [sic] Savannah
And a choice lot of
French Pomades.
Just received at
Apothecaries' Hall.   

NATCHEZ DAILY COURIER, January 3, 1861, p. 2, c. 1
H. Y. Child & Co. are now opening their fall stock.  Consisting of Rich decorated China...fancy toilet cologne...

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, January 5, 1861, p. 110, c. 4

Perfumes!  Perfumes!  Perfumes!
609 Broadway, New York.

                The most delightful and genuine liquid and dry Perfumes for the present season, comprising the fragrance of the earliest and latest flowers, as well as the most approved Bouquets.
Mount Vernon,                                                     Kiss Me Quick,
Perfect Gem,                                                          Washington Nosegay,
Fragrant Japonica, &c, &c.
Also Concentrated Flavoring Extracts, for Pies, Puddings, &c.
French Biscotine, the most approved food for Infants.
Glycerine Jelly, for chapped Skin.  Chilblaine Balsam.
Swiss Corn Plaster, an infallible cure for Corns and Bunions.
To be had, wholesale and retail, at No. 609 Broadway, New York.
Eugene  Dupuy,
Chemist and Druggist.

NATCHEZ DAILY COURIER, January 8, 1861, p. 2, c. 1
To the Ladies!  The Human Hair.  Bandolina!  Donnaud's prepared oil of palm and mace and Spirits of boxwood, rosemary and cantharides, perfumed with ambergris and rose geranium.  A remedy for baldness; also, to darken, soften and thicken the hair, and prevent it from turning gray.

[MARSHALL] TEXAS REPUBLICAN, February 2, 1861, p. 2, c. 3

Fresh Drugs!

                J. B. Lancaster & Co., are now receiving, direct from New Orleans, an additional supply of Fresh and Pure Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Fancy Goods, Perfumery, &c. . . .

To the Ladies,

We would say, Soda, Cream Tartar, Fancy Soaps, Starch, Bluing, and the Spices are on hand and for sale; and the Humming Bird, Kiss-Me-Sweetly, and Lubin's Handkerchief Extracts, we have no doubt will be exhibited with pleasure, by our young friend M., who is always pleased to see the ladies. . . .   

CAIRO [IL] CITY WEEKLY NEWS, February 28, 1861, p. 3, c. 7
Cocoaine.  This article is no compound, but is made from the cocoanut oil; and is offered as one of the finest articles for the Hair now in use.  for sale by Humphreys & Brown.

CHARLESTON MERCURY, May 24, 1861, p. 4, c. 2
How to Take Care of the Hair.--As to men, we say, when the hair begins to fall out, the best plan is to have it cut short; give it a good brushing with a moderately stiff brush, while the hair is dry; then wash it well with warm soap suds; then rub into the scalp, about the roots of the hair, a little bay rum, brandy, or camphor water.  Do these things twice a month--the brushing of the scalp may be profitably done twice a week.  Damp the hair with water every time the toilet is made.  Nothing ever made is better for the hair than pure soft water, if the scalp is kept clean in the way we have named.  The use of the oils or pomatums, or grease of any kind, is ruinous to the hair of man or woman.  We consider it a filthy practice, almost universal though it be, for it gathers dust and dirt, and soils whenever it touches.  Nothing but pure soft water should ever be allowed on the heads of children.  It is a different practice that robs our women of their most beautiful ornament long before their prime; the hair of our daughters should be kept within two inches, until their twelfth year.
Hall's Journal of Health.

DAILY CHRONICLE & SENTINEL [AUGUSTA, GA], July 31, 1861, p. 3, c. 7

Handsome Women
To the Ladies!

                Hunt's "Bloom of Roses," A rich and elegant color for the cheeks or lips.  It will not wash or rub off, and when once applied remains durable for years.  The tint is so rich and natural, that the closest scrutiny fails to detect its use.  Can be removed by lemon juice, and will not injure the skin.  This is a new preparation, used by the celebrated Court Beauties of London and Paris.  Mailed free, in bottles, with directions for use, for $1.
Hunt's "Court Toilet Powder," imparts a dazzling whiteness to the complexion, and is unlike anything else used for this purpose.  Mailed free for 50 cents.
Hunt's "British Balm" removes tan, freckles, and all eruptions of the skin.  Mailed free for 50 cents.
Hunt's "Imperial Pomade" for the hair, strengthens and improves its growth, keeps it from falling off, and is warranted to make the hair curl.  Mailed Free for $1.
Hunt's "Pearl Beautifier" for the teeth and gums, cleanses and whitens the teeth, hardens the [illegible], purifies the breath effectually, preserves the teeth, and prevents toothache.  Mailed free for $1.
Hunt's "Bridal Wreath Perfume" a double extract of orange blossoms and cologne.  Mailed free for $1.  This exquisite perfume was first used by the Princess Royal of England on her marriage.  Messrs. Hunt & Co. presented the Princess with an elegant case of Perfumery, (in which all of the above articles were included) in handsome cut glass with gold stoppers, valued at $1500, particulars of which appeared in the public prints.
All the above articles sent Free, by express, for $5.
Cash can either accompany the order, or be paid to the Express Agent on delivery of goods.                                                                                                                       Hunt & Co.
Perfumers to the Queen.
Regent Street, London, and 77 [illegible] St., Phila, Pa.
For sale by all Druggists and Perfumers.

SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, August 14, 1861, p.  2, c. 3

Fancy Toilet Soaps
Jocky [sic] Club, New-mown Hay, Musk, Honey, Millefleur, Ess. Bouquet, Butterfly Bouquet, &c., &c.
For sale by

                                                                                                                John B. Habersham,
Broughton st. op. St. Andrew's Hall.

DAILY CHRONICLE & SENTINEL [AUGUSTA, GA], September 11, 1861, p. 1, c. 7
Do you want Whiskers?
Do you want Whiskers?
Do you want a Mustache?
Do you want a Mustache?

Stimulating Onguent, [sic]
For the Whiskers and Hair.

                The subscribers take pleasure in announcing to the citizens of the United States, that they have obtained the Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to the American public, the above justly celebrated and world-renowed [sic] article

The Stimulating Onguent [sic]

is prepared by C. P. Bellingham, an eminent physician of London and is warranted to bring out a thick set of

Whiskers or Mustache

in from three to six weeks.  This article is in [sic] the only one of the kind used by the French, and in London and Paris is in universal use.
It is a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet stimulating compound, acting as if by magic upon the roots causing a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair.  If applied to the scalp, it will cure Baldness, and cause to spring up in place of the bald spots a fine growth of new hair.  Applied according to directions, it will turn red or towy [sic] hair dark, and restore gray hair to its original color, leaving it soft, [illegible] and flexible.  The ONGUENT is an indispensable article in every gentleman's toilet, and after one week's use they would not for any consideration be without it.
The subscribers are the only Agents for the [illegible] in the United States, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Price one dollar a box.  For sale by all druggists and dealers; or a box of ONGUENT (warranted to have the desired effect,) will be sent to any who desire it, by mail direct, securely packed, on receipt of price and postage $1.10.  Apply to or address

                                                                                HORACE L. HAGEMAN & CO., Druggists, &c.
24 William street, New York.

[MARSHALL] TEXAS REPUBLICAN, October 12, 1861, p. 2, c. 4
                Removing Sunburn.—If your young lady friends would like to know what will take off tan and sunburn, tell them to take a handful of bran, pour a quart of boiling water on it, let it stand one hour, then strain.  When cold put to it a pint of bay rum.  Bottle and use it when needed.   

DAILY MISSOURI REPUBLICAN, March 1, 1862, p. 4, c. 10

Baldness Cured!
The Celebrated Camanche Hair Oil.

This oil may be relied upon as an effectual remedy for Baldness, and also for promoting a vigorous, health growth of Hair.

For Sale by
Alex. Leitch & Co.,
Marble Buildings,

                                                                                                                                Corner Fourth and Olive streets. 

DAILY MISSOURI REPUBLICAN, March 4, 1862, p. 1, c. 4

Curl Your Hair!
Beautify Yourself
by Using
Chappell's Hyperion,
Curling the Hair.
By Using Chappell's Hyperion, Ladies and
Gentlemen can Beautify Them
Selves a Thousand Fold.
Chappell's Hyperion
Is the only article in the world that will Curl
Straight Hair!
The Only article that will Curl the Hair

                In Glossy Curls,
In Sunny Curls,
In Silken Curls,
                                In Auburn Curls,
In Flaxen Curls,
In Elegant Curls,
In Waving Curls,
In Beautiful Curls,
In Luxuriant Curls,
In Raven Curls
It makes the hair Soft and Glossy; it Invigorates the Hair; it Beautifies the Hair; it Cleanses the Hair; it is most Delightful and Exquisitely


The Hyperion does not in any manner interfere with the

Natural Softness of the Hair.

It neither scorches nor dries it; it gives the Hair a soft, thrifty appearance; it Prevents the Hair from

Falling Off!

It is the only article ever yet discovered that will

Curl Straight Hair

In beautiful curls, without injury to the hair or scalp.
The Hyperion has been before the public but about six months, and in that short period of time it has been tested by more than

One Hundred Thousand Persons.

And they all universally testify that the Hyperion is the greatest  Beautifyer [sic] ever offered to the American people.
The Hyperion can be so applied as to cause the Hair to Curl for one Day, or for one Week, or for one Month, or for any longer period desired.
The Hyperion is the only article in the world but what can be counterfeited or imitated by unprincipled persons.  To prevent this, we do not offer it for sale at any Druggists in the United States.  Therefore, any Lady or Gentleman who desires the soft luxuriant Curls, and who desire to beautify themselves by using the Hyperion, must inclose [sic] the

Price – One Dollar,

                                                                                                                In a letter, and address
W. Chappell & Co.,
Box 54, Parkman, Geauga Co., Ohio,
And it will be carefully sent by return mail.

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, June 28, 1862, p. 1, c. 9

New Perfumes by Jaques'
Extract Garden Lavender,
Extract Mayflower,
Extract Pond Lilly,
Extract Rondelitia,
100 varieties of Lubin's,
Baily's Ess. Bouquet,
Guerlain's Assorted Extracts,
Smith & Dwyer,
Dealers in fine Toilet Goods,
92 & 94 Lake Street,

                                                                                                                Opposite Tremont House.   

SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY [ATLANTA, GA], February 24, 1863, p. 2, c. 5

Cargo Sale of Goods, Imported Ex British
By R. A. Pringle,
137 Meeting Street,
Charleston, South Carolina,
James H. Taylor, Auctioneer.

                On Thursday, 26th February, 1863, commencing at 10 o'clock--

. . .
1 gross no. 99 Colonge [sic]   

PEORIA (IL) MORNING MAIL, June 13, 1863, p. 1, c. 1

S. A. Allen's
Hair Restorer.

The great unequalled Preparations for Restoring, Invigorating, Beautifying and Dressing the Hair,
Rendering it soft, silky and glossy, and disposing it to remain in any desired position; quickly cleansing the scalp, arresting the fall and imparting a healthy and natural color to the Hair.

It Never Fails
To Restore Grey Hair
Its Original Youthful Color
It is not a Dye,

But acts directly upon the roots of the Hair, giving them the natural nourishment required, producing the same vitality and luxurious quantity as in youth.

For Ladies and Children

Whose Hair requires frequent cleaning the Zylobalsamum has no equal.  No lady's toilet is complete without it.

Sold by Druggists throughout the World.
Principal Sales Office
198 Greenwich Street, New-York City.
Mrs. S. A. Allen's

SOUTHERN BANNER [ATHENS, GA], July 13, 1863, p. 3, c. 5
New Goods.  Soda, Bluestone; Bengal Indigo' Black Pepper; Coperas [sic]; Arrow Root; Maccaboy Snuff; Prices Glycerine [sic]; English Mustard; English Table Salt; Lead Pencils; Toilet Powders; Lily White; Dressing Combs; Toilet Soap; Brown Windsor Soap, &c.
For sale at                                                              R. M. Smith's.
July 15.   

SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, July 19, 1863, p. 2, c. 4

For Sale.

Cologne, Alcohol, Rose Water, Orange Flower Water, Lilly White, Prepared Chalk, Carmine Hair Grease, Slippery Elm, Nutmegs, Spice, Cloves, Ginger, Scotch and Maccaboy Snuff, Kulie Bricks Stove Blacking, Opodeldoc, Pain Killer, Mustaerd, Matches, Washing Soda, &c.                         Robert H. Tatem, Druggist,
Corner Jefferson and McDonough sts.

NATCHEZ DAILY COURIER, August 6, 1862, p. 2, c. 3

A Rare Chance for Bargains.

Meyer, Deutsch & Co. are selling off a large stock of Dress and Fancy goods; Embroideries, &c., at remarkably low prices for cash, and would request their friends and patrons to call soon, as they are selling rapidly. . . .
Fans, Perfumery, Parasols &c., proportionately low.

DAILY INTELLIGENCER, [ATLANTA, GA], August 28, 1863, p. 3, c. 5

Auction Sales.
A splendid Assortment
by a
Late Arrival.

Will be sold AT AUCTION, at Galserville [?], on Wednesday, September [illegible], 1863, the following list of articles just received by Spanish Star Isabel 2nd: . . .
2 do    calogn [cologne] water
4  do    hair oil
2 do     pocket fire strikers
12 do     rose soap
12 do     almond soap . . .
The above will be a bona fide sale.
Y. A. Mason, Auct'r.   

ALBANY [GA] PATRIOT, March 3, 1864, p. 3, c. 3
. . . toilet powder, tooth powder, combs, knives, &c, &c., just received at the drugs store of L. E. Welch. march 3.   

CHARLESTON MERCURY, July 8, 1864, p. 2, c. 1
Ruddy cheeks.--A curious work on cosmetics, recently published, strongly condemns rouge and pearl powder, but informs the ladies how they may give color to their cheeks without danger.  Thus:  Take a fragment of bright crimson silk, dip in strong spirits of wine and rub it over the cheek till a moderate tint appears.  This defies detection and is harmless.

ALBANY [GA] PATRIOT, October 13, 1864, p. 3, c. 2
Fresh arrived of Drugs and [?].  At the Old Stand--Welch's Corner. . . .
Soaps of all kinds.  Toilet soap, Castile soap, shaving soap, bar soap, dressing combs, fine combs, tooth brushes, toilet powder, tooth powder, knives, genuine Mason's blacking.  For sale at L. E. Welch's drug store.  Sept. 8th, 1864. 

ALBANY [GA] PATRIOT, November 10, 1864, p. 2, c. 4
Sundries.  Fine cologne, hair oils, Bos. Rum, dressing combs, fine combs, tooth brushes, tooth powders, razors, shaving soap, Mason's blacking, oil paste blacking, Spaulding's glue, wax matches, pocket knives, Lilly [sic] white, &c, &c.  L. E. Welch.  Albany, Nov. 10, 1864. 

[MARSHALL] TEXAS REPUBLICAN, April 14, 1865, p. 2, c. 6

New Goods.

I have just received a large lot of Spring & Summer Calicoes, French and American.  A few patterns of Black Calico, Also Muslins, Irish and Brown Linen, Domestics, bleached and unbleached.
Coffee, Soda, Blacking, blacking brushes, Agate Buttons, white and colored Pearl Buttons, Tooth Brushes, Lily White, &c., &c.
I also have a large assortment of

Ladies' Shoes,

                Cotton Cards, and one Fine Cloth Coat (large size).
For sale low for Confederate money and cheap for specie.  Interest notes, La. money, coupons of 6 per cent bonds and old issue taken at current rates.
E. Blood.
April 14, 1865.