Topical Files  

Please note that these files are currently out of date since they do not include the most recently added newspapers.  You may retrieve additional articles on these topics by doing word searches under Newspapers by Title.

Blankets, Quilts, and Comforters -updated April 24, 2003
Buttons -updated April 24, 2003
Catholic Sisters During the War -updated April 28, 2003
Children (under construction)
Cotton and Wool Cards and Carding -updated April 29, 2003
Christmas:  Articles from Civil War Newspapers -updated May 1, 2003
Coffee Substitutes -updated May 1, 2003
Drugs and Drug Substitutes -updated May 6, 2003
Dyes -updated May 7, 2003
Fashion (under construction)
Girls and Guns
Holidays other than Christmas (under construction)
Jews in the Confederacy
Lighting:  Candles, Lamps, and Matches
Looms, Spinning Wheels and Spinning Jennies
Medical Support--Civilian (under construction)
Military, by year (under construction)
Mordents--Alum and Copperas
Music and Songs (under construction)
Needles, Thread, and Factory Yarns
Paper Manufacturing and Paper Shortages in the South
Poetry (under construction)

Public Voice of Texas Women

Recipes and Helpful Hints
Refugees and Other Displaced Persons (under construction)
Sermons, Prayers, and Tracts (under construction)
Shingling:  The Short Hair Mania (under construction)
Shoes and Boots (under construction)
Socks, Stockings, and Other Knitted Items

Southern Wayside Homes (updated Sept. 19. 2005)

Tableaux and Other Entertainments (under construction)
Tea Substitutes
Textile Factories in the South
Tobacco (under construction)
Women Soldiers