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Enrollment Certification Request-Required Every Semester

Instructions and Acknowledgement

We are now using a new Enrollment Certification Request. 

It is through Qualtrix and will give you options and based on your answers limit your choices. 

It will only allow you to list your @patriots.uttyler.edu or  @uttyler.edu email address  You will recieve a copy of your certification to this email once you submit your request.

It requires your classes to be listed in the format department-number-section ie- ABCD 1234-001 look closely on your my UT Tyler account for the full 11 digit class number.

This is to help us get correct information and prevent you from having to resubmit your request. 

One request per session only.


Do not submit , Fall requests before June 1st, Spring before October 1st, or Summer before March 1st



Please read the entire page and acknowledge the instructions to proceed with your enrollment certification request


Only for students using VA Education Benefits.

  • CH30 (MGIB) Montgomery GI Bill
  • CH31 (Vocrehab) Vocational Rehabilitation
  • CH33 Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • CH35 (DEA) Dependents Educational Assistance
  • CH1606 (MGIB-SR) Montgomery GI Bill Select Reserve

 Before submitting your Enrollment Certification Request

  • We must already have a file on hand for you
    • Emailed you that we accepted the application
  • If you have not used your VA Education Benefit at UT Tyler with in the last 12 months
    • Submit a new Complete Application
    • Receive confirmation from us that your Application is Complete and Accepted
    • Submit the Enrollment Certification Request

Submit TA (Tuition Assistance) Forms  to VRC@uttyler.edu before submitting the Enrollment Certification Request

CH33 Enrollment Certification Request submitted less than 3 weeks prior to the bill due date are late. Requests are processed in the order we recieved your most recient request.  Submit correctly the first time to prevent delays.  Dropping before class will result in all CH33 being removed and processed in the order we recieved the newest request.

Be prepared to make other arrangements on the bill due date if your bill still shows due.

Please do not contact us to check if you bill is paid so we can focus on processing as many Enrollment certifications as possible by the bill due date.

Log on to your My Uttyler account with the same login as your student email and see if there is a bill. You need to check this on the day before the bill is due and make payment arrangements then to prevent being dropped.

Pay up front

IF eligible

Get on a payment plan

Take an emergency loan


You may submit your enrollment certification request

Fall after June 1st

Spring after October 15th

Summer after March 15th

 By clicking this link, I acknowledge that I have read the instructions above. 

Click here to  Proceed to Enrollment Certification Request


Fall 2018 Processing Priority

CH31/CH33 Pharmacy Submitted by 8/15/18  processed by 8/16/18

CH33 Submitted by 8/3/18 processed 8/4/18-8-24

CH33 LATE submitted 8/4/18--9/14/18 will not be processed until after ontime CH30/35/1606

CH31 Submitted by 8/21/18 to include your name on the list or a new 1905 if your not using the Tyler VR&E Office processed on 8/22/18

CH30/35/1606 Submitted by 8/24/18 Processing starts the week of 8/27/18 should be completed by 9/14/18

CH30/35/1606 LATE submitted 8/24/18 or later will not be processed until after the second batch of CH33





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