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VA Education Benefit Rate Of Pursuit

Rate Of Pursuit

The Full Time Rate of Pursuit is based on

  1. How many days in the specific session in which you are enrolled-first to last day of class on the academic calendar per session.
  2. How many credits you are taking in the specific session.

The Undergraduate Rate of Pursuit is determined by the VA


  1. Chapter 33
    1. VA calculates rate of pursuit by dividing the credit hours being pursued by the number of credit hours considered to be full-time.

    2. The resulting percentage is the student’s rate of pursuit.

    3. Housing allowance is paid only if rate of pursuit is more than 50%.

  2. Chapters 30, 35, 1606
    1. 12 credits or more are full time

    2. 9-11 credits are ¾ time

    3.  6-8 credits are ½ time

    4. 4-5 credits are less than ½ time (<½-time)

    5. 1-3 credits are ¼ time or less (<¼-time)

  3. Chapter 31
    1. Consult with your Vocrehab Councilor
    2. VR&E hasthier own tables for rate of pursuit depending on wither yourecieve
      1. CH33 BAH
      2. CH31 Stipend

 The Graduate Rate of Pursuit is determined by the school-see the financial aid page for normal semesters-ie Fall and Spring

  1. Full-Time 9+ semester credit hours
  2. Half-Time 6-8 semester credit hours
  3. Less than Half-Time 3-5 semester credit hours


7 week accelerated online sessions- 3 hours is full time




Summer Rate of Pursuit 

VA Summer Rate of Pursuit is Not the same as UT Tyler's financialaid full time rules for summer

  1. Because the VA looks only at individual sessions
  2. financial Aid looks at the total hours of all classes taken between the end of Spring and the start of Fall

Summer sessions are all evaluated separately and individually by the VA

We cannot tell/guarantee you what the VA will do as it is entirely up to them



Best GUESSTIMATE for full time is

Short Summer-2hrs (Also known as May-Mester)

Long Summer-8hrs

Summer 1-4hrs

Summer 2-4hrs


Summer Graduate

We report Full Time as

Short Summer-2hrs  (Also known as May-Mester)

Long Summer-6hrs

Summer 1-3hrs

Summer 2-3hrs



It is up to you to contact the VA and make your own decision as we are not responsible if you take classes and are not paid at all or not paid at the full time rate. Individual benefit being used along with previous benefits used and individual service time frame and history may also affect payment amount.





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