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Hazlewood Act Tuition Exemption

The Hazlewood Act exempts some tuition and fees for eligible TEXAS  Veterans and some dependents.

Application is good for one school year only.  A school year is Fall thru Summer.

Every fall you must submit a continuation application-after June 1st and grades have posted, and at least 3 weeks before the bill is due for Fall.

You may submit applications for

Fall after June 1st

Spring after October 15th

Summer after March 15th

Only for State Funded Programs/Classes-Not all Programs/Classes at UT Tyler are State Funded-Pharmacy and Masters in Public Administration in Executive Health Care and Executive Masters in Buisness Administration in Health Care  are excluded from Hazlewood at this time other programs may also be excluded.  We will determine eligibility of the program and classses once you submit your degree plan.

Only Texas Veterans are eligible.

GPA requirement of 2.0 for Undergraduate and 3.0 for Graduate students-ie if your on probation you are not eligible

VETERANS-Eligible Veterans may Receive the exemption for up to 150 credit hours.

LEGACY CHILD-birth, or step child may Receive the veterans unused hours if the veteran transfers them to the Legacy Child. Uses Veterans remaining hours-Eligibility Expires on Legacy Child's 26th Birthday.

CHILD or SPOUSE of TOTAL and PERMANENTLY DISABLED VETERAN-Child/Spouse of Eligible Disabled Veterans, VA Rating as TOTAL and PERMANENTLY DISABLED,  Receive their own exemption of some tuition and fees up to 150 credit hours.  Separate from the veterans exemption.  No age restriction as of this time. 

Must provide proof that you are not eligible for CH31 Vocrehab or CH33-Post 9/11 GI Bill (at the 100% rate) benefits that already pay full tuition.   

Spouse's are not eligible for transfer of benefits.

Only eligible for 150 hours maximum in student's lifetime.  Even if obtaining the exemption through multiple sources, it is still capped at 150 hours per individual student.

Does not cover admission application fees.

Financial AID.  Hazlewood counts towards income for financial aid purposes and will reduce your loan/grant amounts.



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