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Initial Hazlewood Application


Applying for the Exemption(First time at UT Tyler)

Complete at least 3 weeks prior to bill due date

Students who submit their applications and/or certification requests less than 3 weeks prior to the bill due date will have to be prepared to pay their bill upfront, or take an emergency loan, or get on a payment plan if eligible.

(Link) Hazlewood Checklist


Veteran’s DD-214: (Member-4 copy only/ Must Be Legible)

Eligibility is determined thru the following listed on the DD-214:

  1. 181 or more consecutive days of active service not including initial entry training (basic and military specialty training)
  2. Character of Service must state:  ‘Honorable’ ‘General Under Honorable Conditions’‘Medical’ discharge
  3. Place of entry or home of record at time of enlistment shows Texas. 

If your DD214 is Lost or you only have the Member 1 Copy Contact the VA and request a copy of your DD214.  We have to be able to verify a-c above on official finalized documents-request for separation, requests for DD214, working/review copies of DD214 Honorable discharge certificates will not suffice.

Certificate of Eligibility (COE)if the veteran was discharged after 9/11/2001.  Log in to and apply at (Link)  EBENEFITS or (Link)  Vets.gov

Apply Early takes up to 8 weeks. 

Apply and submit online.  Do not bring us the application forms, we only take the Certificate of Eligibility they mail you or the screen shot from Ebenefits of your remaining CH33.

Veterans and Dependents Must provide this to show that all VA benefits that pay 100% tuition have been exhausted (CH33 or CH31).  

  1. Veterans:   All Chapters Complete online
    1. VA Form 22-1990 (Initial Application) or
    2. VA Form 22-1995 (Change of Place or Program of Training)
  2. Dependents:
    1.     POST 9/11 GI BILL (CH 33) Complete online
      1. VA Form 22-1990e (Initial Application) or
      2. VA Form 22-1995 (Change of Place or Program of Training)
    2.     Dependents’ Education Assistance (DEA/CH. 35) and Fry Scholarship: Complete online
      1. VA Form 22-5490 (Initial Application) or
      2. VA Form 22-5495 (Change of  Place or Program of Training)


TVC-ED-1 (Application) Download from: (Link) HAZLEWOOD INITIAL APPLICATION

Fill out completely,  unsigned (ink) or incomplete forms are not accepted

Example of  first line- For (Term)  Fall thru Summer (Year) 2017-2018 at (Institution) THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT TYLER or UT TYLER





Hazlewood Hours: Log in and email us the print out(s) of hours If you are a (See below for the appropriate category and instructions) (Veteran and Student must register and create accounts even if they never used Hazlewood)

  1. VETERAN you must log in and print off your VETERAN hours.  (Not the Veteran's Student Hours)
  2. LEGACY CHILD- (Veteran and Student must register and create accounts even if they never used Hazlewood before)
    1. VETERAN must log in and print off their VETERAN hours.  (Not the Veteran's Student Hours) AND
    2. LEGACY CHILD must log in and print off their STUDENT hours. 
  3. CHILD or SPOUSE of a TOTALLY and PERMANENTLY/100% disabled veteran (according to the VA) Log in and print your STUDENT hours. (we do not need the veteran's hours in this case)


Any student who has previously attended UT Tyler must also submit  GPA Verification. Submit only after June first and Spring Grades Have Been Posted.  Fall Applications will not be accepted before then.

Print your GPA from your MY uttyler and email a PDF copy with your application-Must show Spring Semester Grades and GPA for all fall applications. If the application is not  for Fall it must show last semester attended here.

Proof of Dependency

Birth Child-Birth Certificate

Adopted Child-Adoption Papers or corrected Birth Certificate with Veteran Listed as parent

Spouse-Marriage Certificate

Step Children- Most recent tax year’s (Link) Tax Transcript must show student claimed on taxes (Not the tax return).


Degree Plan signed by academic advisor


Disability or Casualty Letter Child/Spouse receive their own benefit if:

  1. Veteran is Totally and Permanently Disabled-provide VA Disability rating letter dated within 12 months https://eauth.va.gov/ebenefits/download-letters
  2. Missing/Killed in Action-provide DD Form 1300, Report of Casualty


Scan the COMPLETE application to PDF and Email, at least 3 weeks prior to the bill due date,

to VRC@uttyler.edu from your UT Tyler student email account.  Incomplete/partial applications are not accepted. 

Applications submitted less than 3 weeks prior to the bill due date may not be processed in time for the tuition to be covered.

You may come to the VRC and use our scanner and computer email your application from your student email account.  

        (Link)   Student Email Log In                  (Link)    UT Tyler Email Policy

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