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Friday, February 5

We are aware that there are a number of broken links across the website. We are in the process of reverting the links to correct the path. This should resolve the broken link issue.
(NOTE: Broken link issue resolved.)


Monday, February 1

We have launched the new responsive design website to www.uttyler.edu. While we are super excited about the responsive design, we will continue to work during the upcoming days and weeks to bring the site to its full potential.

Our top priority over the next few days will be to concentrate on forms, broken links, menu bars, re-directs and to assure content is displaying properly on all browsers. We are aware that some items on this list are not yet fully functioning, so please understand as we work quickly and carefully to continue the updates.

Once we are confident all is working well, we will begin scheduling time to work on each department site individually.

At that time, the Web team is working to address the following:

  • Setting up department front page content look and feel.
  • Bringing in any missing content that displayed on your previous front-page.
  • Updating image rotators, graphics, buttons and videos for individual departments.
  • Building faculty sections for each department site.

As we work on each individual department site, we will contact the department web contact person to assist with checking the content.

We will be in touch soon regarding scheduling new template training.

Thank you all for your support and kind words!



Friday, January 28

As directed, the new responsive design website will launch on Monday, February 1.  We were given a very short timeframe to construct, migrate and launch the new website. With this in mind, there is still plenty of work to do. 

There are portions of the site that are not completely finished. During the upcoming weeks, the Web team will continue to schedule continued updates for each department site.

Your patience is appreciated as we continue to work through the migration process.


Content will continue to be updated for each department site. 

Some of these updates will include:

  • Content clean-up for individual department pages
  • Updating image rotators, graphics, buttons and videos for department sites
  • Building new faculty/staff pages
  • Front page template updates for department pages
  • Left-side menu bar clean-up


The new responsive design template offers more options for users than ever before. Template options will be set up according to department needs and user ability. Upon completion of new template training, users will be given access to begin making updates.


Information regarding new template training, OU Campus login access to the new site, updated Web design guidelines, online help files and more will be updated on this website as information becomes available. Correspondence will be sent to OU Campus users regarding scheduled training sessions.

OU Campus Login

  • ALL users are required to attend at-least one mandatory new template training session prior to having access set up to the new site. 

  • We will continue to schedule training sessions according to your site needs.

User access will be set up for each user upon completion of the new template training. We will begin to schedule training over the next few weeks. We will send out an email to sign up for training in the next few weeks.

Look and Feel

As we progress with training users to use the new templates throughout the year, users will have the option to work with the Web team to update their front page according to their needs. At this time, we are concentrating on cleaning up content.

If you have any questions about your website content, please email us at web@uttyler.edu

Thank you,
UT Tyler Web Team