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UT Tyler Web Communications

What to Expect

As Your Site is Being Moved

  • You will receive an email that your website is in the process of being moved into the new server.
  • As each page is moved to the new server, your pages on your current site will become “locked” within OU Campus.This prevents content from being updated on your current site while your new site is being built.
    • If you need to access your page to make an update, email
  • During the migration process, the Web team will touch base with your department with any questions.
  • Once your site is complete, the Web team will email you with your site address and ask you to closely review each page, checking links and content.
  • Once the Web team has made final changes to your site, your site will be submitted to “Google Mini”, UT Tyler’s search engine.
  • Upon your site launch, a redirect will be placed from your old site location at to your new site location at 

What is the Process? ... What to Expect

The new front page is redesigned using either the two or three column template. Typically, the three column template for your front page allows the new site to take advantage of many new functions for the your department site.

    • Calendar Widget
    • More Information section
    • Related Videos
  • Image rotators are built to coordinate with your site.
  • Contact information resource file is built for the left-side navigation.
  • Social media resource file is built for left-side navigation for departments with social media.
  • Image directory is established with access for your department.
  • Files directory is established for .PDF’s, etc.
  • Directories are then built within the site (if your department has a multilevel directory site) to begin the structure of the site.
  • Once the structure is determined, each page is then carefully built out one at a time. Pages are built out "as-is," content is typically "cleaned up" for SEO, marketing and style.
    • Time is taken on each page to fix broken links and correct style issues for usability and accessibility.
    • Any new content needed must be sent prior to the site being built.
  • Unique search engine optimization (SEO) metadata is written and added to each page.
    • Title Tags
    • Descriptions
    • Keywords
  • Content is reviewed by the Web Content Coordinator for style, writing for the web and SEO. Edits may be made during and after the web site migration to assist with following the UT Tyler guidelines.
  • Once all pages are built, PDFs and other files are uploaded one by one to the server. This step is taken to assure unused files are not uploaded to the new server.
  • Navigation is then carefully designed for usability.
  • Site is launched in "TEST" or "BETA" mode.
  • Users are asked to carefully review each page.
  • Once your site is launched, you will use the "Send for Approval" button to send your pages to "rkelly" to allow the Web team to quickly review your pages and publish to the server. This allows the team to check for style. More Information About Send for Approval
  • Within a couple of weeks of your site launch, Emily Battle will work on web page content for SEO, marketing, style consistency and more. If you have any questions, email

You May Notice These Changes

  • As stated in the Web publishing standards, PDFs should all be named with standard naming conventions. As content is moved over, PDFs may be renamed to follow these guidelines. If PDFs have names with dates or codes attached, they will be renamed with a standard file name. Please see Naming Files, PDFs.
  • For usability, accessibility and style, links will be changed to "call to action" links. We will change links such as "click here" or go to Please see Naming Files, Links.
  • Using a personal email address is not appropriate for department sites. Request an address for your department if needed. See Naming Files, Contact Emails.
  • Style changes to phone numbers (903.566.5555) and time (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) See Time and Date Style.
  • Correction to font sizes, removing large header tags. Please see Typography and Fonts.
  • The new template has a very specific look and feel. The Web team will work closely with you using the image rotator and templates to best represent your department.

What We Need From You

  • Updated Content
    • We should NOT migrate content that is out-of-date. Content should be updated PRIOR to migration. Please make this a priority as preparation for your migration.
  • Contact Information
    • Department address, phone number and department email (not personal email).
    • If you need a department email, send request to
  • Social Media
    • If you have Facebook, Twitter and/or any other SM, we will need the address for each.
  • Clean Up Files
    • Please make sure any pages you are NOT using are deleted from the server and not linked within your navigation or pages.
  • Clean Up PDFs
    • If possible, have only the PDFs you will be using in your files folder. Let the Web team know these are the only PDFs linked from your website.

What NOT to Expect

The Web team is not responsible for updating your site content. Content is migrated to the new site AS-IS. Once your site is migrated, you are responsible for your site content. Updates should be done prior to site migration or wait until after the site is turned back over to your department.

The UT Tyler Web team is not available to build out additional Web pages, PDFs or other content for your new site during migration. Please make plans to do this before or after your new site launch.

The Web team has a specific amount of time allotted to migrate each site. Questions and discussions can almost always be taken care of through email or by phone. One-on-one trainings are not available and special meetings are typically not necessary for site migration. See OU Campus online training for specific how-to's.

Training and Updates

Once users attend an OU Campus new template training session, access to the new site will be set up.

Each department within the new site is set up to have page updates approved by the Web team. This allows users time to become accustomed to new template guidelines and style. Departments are allowed two OU Campus users to update their site.